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Leader: Enemies after Muslim civil war 29.12.2015
Iran's logic based on cooperation with nations: Leader 1.12.2015
To the Youth in Western Countries (2nd Letter) 29.11.2015
Huge turnout of people for Arbaeen a manifestation of prominent features of the school of Prophet: Leader 29.11.2015
Leader stresses continuation of progresses in the Navy 29.11.2015
Accusing Basij of radicalism completes enemyís infiltration project: Leader 25.11.2015
Iran backs anyone fighting bullying, hegemony: Leader 24.11.2015
Leader stresses: Daesh, other terrorist groups falsely operating in the name of Islam 24.11.2015
Leader urges vigilance to thwart US plot for West Asia 23.11.2015
Resistance, sole way to progress: Leader 23.11.2015
Terrorist crimes have nothing to do with Islam: Leader 22.11.2015
ĎRussian president to meet Ayatollah Khamenei on Mondayí 21.11.2015
Leaderís guidelines with regards to environmental policies of the Islamic Republic 17.11.2015
Leader says Iran progressed despite Western restrictions 11.11.2015
US, Iranís main enemy: Leader 3.11.2015
Leader says US major part of regional problems, not solution 1.11.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei sends a letter to President Hassan Rouhani about the JCPOA 21.10.2015
Continued sanctions breach of JCPOA: Leader 21.10.2015
Leaderís remarks in meeting with Hajj officials 19.10.2015
Leader meets with the family of martyr Hamedani 19.10.2015
Iran progress tied with revolutionary ideology: Leader 14.10.2015
Leader calls IRIB personnel ďsoldiersĒ of Iranís counter offensive in the Westís soft war 12.10.2015
Leaderís message on the occasion of Iranian commanderís martyrdom 10.10.2015
Leader stresses necessity of encountering cultural invasion 7.10.2015
Talks with US banned because of disadvantages: Leader 7.10.2015
Leader pardons, eases sentences of 630 convicts 4.10.2015
Leaderís remarks in meeting with top Generals, Commanders of Iranian Army 1.10.2015
Iran's possible reaction vis-ŗ-vis Mina tragedy tough: Leader 30.9.2015
Leader urges Muslim world to probe into Hajj tragedy 30.9.2015
Leader: Saudi rulers should apologize for tragic incident in Mina 27.9.2015
Iran declares 3-day national mourning over Mecca deaths 25.9.2015
Leaderís message on the occasion of Sacred Defense Week 24.9.2015
Supreme Leaderís Hajj Message 2015 23.9.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei meeting with war veterans and their families 21.9.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei meets with thousands of people touching upon important points about national and international issues 10.9.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei meets with members of Iran's Supreme Council of Cyberspace 9.9.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei meeting with Austrian President Heinz Fischer 9.9.2015
Supreme Leader Meets with President of Kyrgyzstan 5.9.2015
Leader Calls on Iranian Officials to Respond to US Irresponsible Remarks 3.9.2015
US seeking Ďultimate wiping out of the Resistance frontí 3.9.2015
Leader tells Army to upgrade defense readiness 1.9.2015
Leader: Bullying Powers Seeking to Weaken Iran through Third Party States 22.8.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei receives the participants in the 8th summit of the General Assembly of the Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU) and the 6th General Assembly of the Ahlul-Bayt World Assembly 17.8.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei receives a group of officials, ambassadors of Muslim countries and people from different walks of life 18.7.2015
Sermons by Ayatollah Khamenei in the Eid al-Fitr congregational prayers 18.7.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei thanks efforts made by the Iranian nuclear negotiation team 15.7.2015
The Leaderís four-hour meeting with hundreds of students 12.7.2015
The Leader remarks in a meeting with professors and faculty members of universities from across Iran 5.7.2015
The Leader's meeting with Iranian and non-Iranian poets and cultural figures on the eve of the anniversary of the birthday of Imam Hassan 2.7.2015
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei receives Judiciary chief and officials 29.6.2015
The Leaderís meeting with the families of the martyrs of Tehran province 28.6.2015
The Leader remarks in a Ramadan meeting with heads of three branches of government together with senior officials 24.6.2015
Leader remarks in the Affinity with the Quran meeting 20.6.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei receives Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and his accompanying delegation in Tehran 18.6.2015
The 26th anniversary of passing of the Late Imam Khomeini 5.6.2015
In a meeting with MPs and Parliament Speaker 28.5.2015
Ayatollah Khamenei warning about enemy plots to sow discord among Muslims 23.5.2015
Leader remarks in Imam Hussein Military Academy 20.5.2015
Commemorating Muslim Kurd Peshmerga Martyrs 20.5.2015
On the auspicious anniversary of the ordainment of the esteemed messenger of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad 17.5.2015
Meeting Iraqi President 14.5.2015
Meeting teachers and education ministry officials 7.5.2015
Leader's remarks in a meeting with laborors 29.4.2015
Police commanders meet Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei 27.4.2015
Iran-Afghanistan security cooperation 20.4.2015
Armed forces preparedness in the face of threats 20.4.2015
Iran's leader calls for lifting all sanctions 10.4.2015
The leader receives Turkish president in Tehran, calling for an end to the aggression against Yemen 8.4.2015
Speech among pilgrims and residents of Mashhad 23.3.2015
In a message marking the year 1394 21.3.2015
Meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts 16.3.2015
Leader of the Islamic Revolution received officials in charge of protecting natural resources and environment 10.3.2015
Supreme Leader's Speech in Meeting with Officials on National Day of Engineering 26.2.2015
Supreme Leader's Speech in Meeting with People of East Azerbaijan 18.2.2015
Supreme Leader's Speech in Meeting with Air Force Commanders and Personnel 8.2.2015
Supreme Leader Meets with Secretary General of Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine 26.1.2015
Letter of Ayatollah Al Uzma Seyyed Ali Khamenei to the Youth in Europe and North America 21.1.2015
Supreme Leader Meets with President of Venezuela 10.1.2015
Supreme Meeting with People from the Holy City of Qom 7.1.2015
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