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U.S., Israel unable to understand power of Lebanese nation: Leader

Sunday July 30, 2006 Tehran Times

Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN - Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has become a popular figure in the Arab and Islamic worlds, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said here on Saturday.

"Today, the Islamic world, Arab nations, and all freedom-seeking nations support Hezbollah and Lebanon," Ayatollah Khamenei said during a meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The U.S. and Israel are not able to understand the power of the Lebanese nation; therefore, they accuse others of interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs, he added.

The Americans encouraged Israel to continue the previously planned war so that they could take one long and practical step toward implementing their so-called the Greater Middle East Initiative, but they had not considered the Lebanese nation in their calculations, he added.

The U.S. seeks to create a Middle East with puppet governments led by the Zionist regime, he opined.

Hezbollah's preemptive attacks have stymied the U.S. and the occupying regime, he said, adding that the heroic and wonderful resistance of the Lebanese nation and Hezbollah has caused the U.S. to come up against a wall.

The Leader called Israel's massacre of innocent people "unprecedented" and said, "In such a situation, the conscience of the so-called civilized world is not disturbed, and international organizations which claim to be defending human rights and democracy keep mum."

He called on governments and nations that still have a conscience to remain unified and to resist the atrocities.

"Today, the world has changed and most nations have awakened to protest the cruel stances of the U.S. because they hate the superpower that wants to take control of the world," he noted.

In addition, Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized the need for the expansion of Iran-Venezuela relations in various spheres.

Chavez expressed satisfaction that he was able to travel to Iran and said that Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution is a brother to Iran's Islamic Revolution.

"We are determined to boost ties with Iran in different areas, and so far various agreements have been inked between the two countries," he added.

"Today a retrogressive trend is seen in the Unites States' power, and Latin American and an increasing number of U.S. adversaries are a testament to this," he opined. Stressing the need for unity among countries which oppose U.S. policies, the Venezuelan president said, "These countries should increase their power through expanding their cooperation, and they should not fear U.S. power."

Supreme Leader receives President Chavez

Tehran, July 29, IRNA


Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei received here Saturday afternoon visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his accompanying delegation.

In the meeting, the Supreme Leader said the whole Islamic world and Arab nations as well as the free nations of the world support Lebanese Hezbollah and due to the brave resistance of the group against the US and the Zionist regime, their leader has become a very popular character in the Arab and Islamic world.

Ayatollah Khamenei said the Zionist regime invasion of Lebanon was a pre-planned war by the US adding that according to the the American plan, the Zionists waged the war to take a long step in accomplishment of American "Greater Middle East Plan", but they ignored Lebanese nation in their calculations.

Of course, the Americans do not understand the problem, the real power of Lebanese nation, so they accuse others of interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs.

The Supreme Leader called the current crimes of the Zionist regime in Lebanon as a rare example of crimes and added, in such situation the conscience of the so-called civilized world and the organizations that claim to support human rights and democracy do not get offended and do not protest.

Confirming Venezuelan president remarks that the US era is coming to an end in the world, the ayatollah noted that this reality can be seen right now and the number of nations and countries who resist against the US are increasing.

Referring to President Chavez stances on the world issues, Ayatollah Khamenei said they reminded the stances of Simon Bolivar, the Latin American Revolutionary figure.

The ayatollah also emphasized the necessity of expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in different fields.

President Chavez, for his part, by expressing pleasure over his new visit to Iran, called Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela as a brother of the Islamic revolution in Iran and said, " We intend to expand relations with Iran in different areas."

Chavez said the American empire is coming to an end and the increasing number of governments in Latin America opposed to the US policy is an evidence to prove claim.

He emphasized the necessity of consolidation among countries with the same stance and opposed to the US policies and pointed out that such countries should expand their cooperation and increase their ability and potentials and never be frightened by the US threats.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also attended the meeting.

President Hugo Chavez at the head of a high ranking delegation arrived here Saturday afternoon to pay an official 2-day visit to Iran.


Supreme Leader Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Lebanon

16.7.2006 IRIB

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has called the Zionist regime’s devastation of the Middle East region as concrete proof of the satanic and cancer-like nature of the illegal Zionist state of Israel.

Speaking at a ceremony in Tehran, on the occasion of the auspicious birthday anniversary of the noble daughter of the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Fatemeh (peace be upon her), the Supreme Leader pointed to the killing of the innocent people of Palestine and Lebanon, and the destruction of main infrastructures by Israeli soldiers, condemning the full-fledged support of the US for the Zionist regime.

The Supreme Leader said the US description of the Israeli atrocities as a kind of “self-defense” is hateful and is a result of their savage and barbaric nature. He further expressed regret over the muted response of some Arab and Islamic countries vis-à-vis the crimes of the Zionist regime.

Ayatollah Khamenei described the support of Washington for Israel as an utter carnage and a black page in the history of mankind, adding: “Such savagery has trampled human values in an unprecedented manner.”

The Supreme Leader addressed the supporters of the Zionist regime and cautioned them that oppression would certainly be doomed to failure.

Ayatollah Khamenei hailed Lebanon’s culture of resistance, adding: “The resistance of Lebanon’s Hezbollah is the most legitimate, legal and logical thing that this movement could have done.”

The Supreme Leader criticized some Arab countries for following Washington’s policies. He, however, said that the hearts of all Arab and Islamic states are filled with joy over the brave acts of Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that the resistance of Hezbollah would undoubtedly hinder the malicious intentions of the illegal Zionist state of Israel, adding the dream of US President, George W Bush, to disarm Hezbollah would not come true.

IR Leader approves President's offer


Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, the Islamic Revolution Leader, in a issued, dispatched Monday approved President Mahmoud Ahmadinjead's proposal to allocate part of the shares envisioned in the article 44 of the Constitution to provinsial stake companies, including local cooperatives centers, as well as the two deciles of the low income people.

Ayuatollah Khamenei also urged setting up an all-powerful committee to carry out the macro policies envisioned by the article 44 to pave the ground for accelarted growth in economy.

According to the letter, the proposal shall be carried out under the following terms and conditions.

1- Up to 50 percent of the shares which can be ceded shall be sold.

2- The share price shall be decided in the stock markets.

3- The two deciles of the low income shall enjoy up to 50 percent discount in the price share on a ten-year installment.

4- The provincial stake companies shall be admitted to the stock markets through government's assistance and follow the trade law to foster their profits.

5- The ceded shares shall be submitted to the provincial stake companies proportionate with the number of shareholders of the provincial cooperatives companies.

6- The exchange of shares shall be allowed to the amount their installments are repaid or they enjoy discount.

7- The people subject to the two deciles low-income shall be identified through careful procedures and special attention shall be paid to villagers.

8- The project shall not increase or extend the size of the government in the ceding companies.

The letter urges for quick action to implement the article 44 of the Constitution on privitization.

It also calls for apprising the public on the case so as to stifle out any case of nepotism by certain groups.

Supreme Leader issues guidelines for privatization drive

Tehran, July 2, IRNA

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Sunday issued an executive order for privatization envisaged by Article 44 of the Constitution.

The Supreme Leader forwarded the action plan to the heads of three branches of government: legislative, executive and judiciary and to the Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

According to the action plan, the Supreme Leader assigned the government to cede 80 percent of the shares of major state-owned enterprises to the people in order to support the targets envisioned by the 20-Year Strategy for Economic, Social and Cultural Development The Supreme Leader said in his executive order that ceding 80 percent of the shares of large companies will serve to bring about economic development, social justice and elimination of poverty.

"By putting into practice the action plan, the government's role will undergo a shift from direct involvement in ownership and running the large companies to supervisory and guidance of different sectors of the economy to meet the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO) gradually," the Supreme Leader said.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the privatization process envisaged in his guidelines will help reinforce the private sector and cooperatives in national economy and support them to enter into competition in the international markets.

The Supreme Leader said that the downstream oil and gas sectors will undergo privatization and exclude the upstream oil and gas industry, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the state companies involved in explorations and production of crude oil and gas from the privatization drive.

The executive order called for hand-over of all the banks except for Central Bank of Iran (CBI), Bank Melli of Iran (BMI), Sepah Bank of Iran, Bank of Industry and Mines, Bank of Agriculture, Housing Bank (Bank Maskan) and the Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI).

"All insurance companies excluding the policy making Central Insurance of Iran and Insurance of Iran should be privatized," the action plan said.

"All airlines companies except for Civil Aviation Organization as well as Ports and Shipping Organization should be ceded to the people."

The industries affiliated to national defense and security sectors would be ceded to the people as specified by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, said the action plan.

Share prices would be determined by the Stock Exchange.

Only five percent of the shares can be ceded to workers and staff of the companies on installment.

Pricing of the outputs of the large companies should be made in line with the world trade regulations.

"Part of the enterprises enjoying advanced technology and deemed necessary to remain under administration of national sovereignty are excluded from privatization."

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