October 2000  
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Leader receives President before his departure to Japan (30.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 30, IRNA -- President Mohammad Khatami here on Sunday night, on the eve of his landmark visit to Japan, met the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei. During the meeting, the Supreme Leader wished for further success of the President. President Khatami will leave Tehran on Monday night for a four-day state visit to Japan, the first by an Iranian head of state in 42 years. His visit, which comes at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, is aimed at improving bilateral relations and opening a new page in Tehran-Tokyo ties. Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hamid-Reza Asefi, on Monday said the upcoming visit to Japan of President Khatami would be a `turning point' in Tehran-Tokyo bilateral relations.

Leader: Islamic Ummah obliged to help liberate Palestine (30.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 30, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Monday the liberation movement in Palestine is in the name of Islam and the Islamic Ummah are obliged to help Palestinians free the part of the Islamic body from the Zionist usurpers. The Supreme Leader said the Iranian nation scored victory in the face of conspiracies both from the East and West thanks to their obligation to the Quranic teachings and called on the Islamic Ummah especially the Palestinian Muslims to observe the Holy Quran.

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Ayatollah Khamenei said the materialist schools were proved inefficient and fulfillment of the Islamic and Quranic teachings will bring dignity and prosperity for the nations in addition to the eternal blessings. The leader also recommended the youth to read the holy Quran as much as they can and try to understand the Quranic concepts and reinforce their commitment to the Holy Quran. The leader made the remarks in a meeting with a group of Quranic experts who ranked top in the `International Contest on Recitation, Memorization and Interpretations of Holy Quran' held in Tehran. Iranian reciter Mehdi Abbasi won the first prize and Abd al-Haq Mosleh Esmail al-Mesbahi from Yemen, the second while Yusuf Abd al-Majid from Bangladesh stood third. SS/AH End ::irna 30/10/2000 18:35

Leader seeks Islamic countris support for Palestine (25.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 25, IRNA -- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called Wednesday on Islamic governments and nations for an all-out support for the oppressed nation of Palestine to achieve a victory against the Zionist regime. Addressing the diplomatic chiefs and ambassadors of Arab states here on the occasion of the ordainment anniversary of the holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) by God, he warned the influential Islamic states not to lose time in helping Palestinians to liberate occupied lands. Ayatollah Khamenei lashed out at the United States for its contribution to Zionists' brutalities, saying it would remain a shame for it forever. He extolled the Palestinian youths for their current intifadha (uprising) movement, noting that all Palestinian refugees should be repatriated and be granted the rights denied them. "The Palestinian younger generation has found that U.S. and British-backed futile attempt to obliterate Palestine could be foiled despite an international support for the Zionists." He said that if the Islamic states perform their duty regarding the issue of Palestine, a crucial period would be registered in her history. The leader hailed the sensitivity of the Iranian government to the important issue of Palestine and expressed hope that it would bear fruitful results in this territory.

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Meanwhile, President Mohammad Khatami, also present at the gathering, praised the Palestinian intifadha and urged all Islamic governments to seriously support Palestine at the request of world Muslims. On Tuesday also, the chief executive hit out against Arab states for failing to defend the Palestinian nation as the latest Middle East violence brought the death toll to near 140. Clashes between Israel and Palestinians sparked by an incident involving the disputed al-Aqsa mosque area have caused the death of 137 in less than four weeks, the vast majority of them Palestinians. Leaders from the 22-member Arab League, except for Libya which walked out from the summit on Saturday, merely called on the United Nations to set up a "protection force" for the Palestinians and an international tribunal to try Israeli "war criminals". They stopped short of calling for a severance of all relations with Israel, but called for a freeze in normalization steps. Tunisia, however, refused to go with the current and acted unilaterally to break ties with the Jewish state, closing its interests section in Tel Aviv. Iran, on Sunday, said that decisions taken during the Arab League Summit were wide of the mark. Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi deplored the Arab League Summit outcome for having fallen short of the expectations of the Palestinians. Israel is not recognized by the Islamic Republic, but certain Arab states, among them Egypt and Jordan, maintain ties with it.
:irna 25/10/2000 15:00

Leader says US is not a true representative of the West (22.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 22, IRNA - The Leader of the Islamic Reovlution, Ayatollah Seyed-Ali Khamenei, here Sunday told visiting Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar that Iran attaches special importance to Europe, and does not look at America as an embodiment of the West or the western culture.

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Ayatollah Khamenei expressed pleasure with the resistance of a number of European countries to the hegemonic attitude of Washington, saying Washington is the root cause for the present global irregularities. "Why should the US have offered such unconditional support to the side that is against the Palestinians as it did in connection with the recent incidents in Palestine?" "Certainly," he said, "we consider that policy as already failing, and the latest incidents in Palestine are proof of a count-down for the end of the occupying Zionists." Ayatollah Khamenei said that the armed confrontation by the Zionist troops with the rising Palestinians is an overt denial of their rights. He added the Palestinians exist despite the occupation of their lands by Zionist forces. He said the Islamic Republic relies on solid arguments in support of its outlooks for Palestine, and that it considers the Palestinian nation as the nation with a superior originality. The Spanish Prime Minister told the Leader that he had had very useful talks with Iranian officials since his arrival in Tehran Saturday night, and added that his government looks forward to broadening relations with Iran consistent with mutual respect. Jose Maria Aznar also briefly informed the Iranian Leader on major regional and international issues.
:irna 22/10/2000 21:24

Supreme Leader addresses 110,000 basijis in Tehran (20.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 20, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Friday the Zionist regime of Israel is the main source of crisis in the Middle East and that is the reason why it should be eliminated. Addressing a 110,000-strong community of basijis in the Tehran province, the Supreme Leader denounced the ploys hatched by the United States and the Zionist regime of Israel in countering the Palestinian Islamic movement of Intifada and said the main reason behind creation of the usurper regime of Israel in the Mideast region was to sow the seeds of discord among the Muslims in the region.

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He went on to say that as the negotiations between a number of simple-minded leaders and the Zionists indicated that one cannot expect the Israeli usurpers to act fairly and based on equality adding that this is the reason why the Sharm al-Sheikh meeting would bring no positive and constructive results. He said the meeting would have no results but ignominy for the signatories to the meeting documents. He said the efforts by the United States and the Zionists to stamp on the blood of the martyred youths of Palestine would be bound to fail owing to the renewed movements of the Intifada. He went to say that no power in the world would be able to vanish the Palestine from the scene of history and human civilization adding that the Zionists anger proceeds from the activation of Intifada. He said the sole way to end the crisis in Palestine is restoration of all the rights to Palestinians and the return of all the Palestinian refugees to their homeland whether Muslims, Christians or Jews while stressing that this issue could be settled through a referendum to determine the ruling regime in the country. The supreme leader stated that the Arab leader shoulder a heavy responsibility in the forthcoming session of the heads of the Arab states and stressed that the Arab leaders should put top on their agenda some important issues such as identifying and putting on trial the main agents behind the recent massacres of the palestine in the Islamic courts, punishing those mischievous persons who damaged the feelings of Muslims in Al-Aqsa Mosque and giving the Palestinians the right to decide on their own fate.
:irna 20/10/2000 17:52
read the translation of the speech

Ayat. Khamenei warns of hidden traps set to universities (18.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 17, IRNA -- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned here on Tuesday of politically-motivated hidden traps set both inside and outside the universities attempting to erase the very basis of science. Addressing the professors and staff of Sharif University of Technology, Ayatollah Khamenei said that political savy is one thing and politics as an activity in the negative senses of the word is another. He said colleges and universities must develop into cultural hubs to help boost students' political insight. He said that the prime responsibility of the universities is the pursuit of knowledge, sciences and academic studies. "The universities should arrange plans to pave the way for blossoming of the talents in the country and those who have gone abroad in search of science," the Leader noted.

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Ayatollah Khamenei also called for close communications between the government and the universities. He said that close relations between the industries sector and the universities would promote both. Elsewhere, Ayatollah Khamenei said that all state affairs are planned with the help of experts' ideas, however, he added, there are sometimes discrepancies in expert opinions.
:irna 18/10/2000 00:30

Leader calls for public awareness on Islamic sciences (10.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct. 10, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said here on Tuesday that efforts should be made to raise public awareness on Islamic sciences, ethics and faith. Ayatollah Khamenei told officials in charge of `Dar-al-Hadith' Cultural Institute that the Iranian nation, as a vanguard in affection for Hazrat Ali (AS), the first Imam of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) infallible household, has understood only a fraction of the great personality of `Amir-ul-M'omenin' (Commander of the Faithful).

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The Leader also called for efforts to be made to introduce `Nahj-ul-Balagheh', the book of Hazrat Ali (AS), and the traditions of the infallible Imam, which is a highly credible and splendid source of knowledge. The Leader stressed the need for the compilation of traditions of the infallible Imam so that people from various walks of life can benefit from them.
:irna 10/10/2000 16:04

Leader: Muslim Ummah urges Muslim states to cut ties with Zionists (9.10.2000)

Tehran Oct 9, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said here on Monday that today, Islamic Ummah raises a right demand from Muslim governments, especially Arab states, to cut ties with the Zionist regime. Addressing commanders and staff of the Law Enforcement Forces (LEF), Ayatollah Khamenei said today too, the Iranian nation and the Islamic system serve as an unforgettable model for Palestinian people in their holy struggle against the Zionist enemy. This is a reality well understood by enemies and friends of the Islamic system, added the Leader.

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The supreme leader stated that Palestine belongs to Palestinian people and the nation is approaching its lofty goals step by step. The Palestinian nation in its new Intifada proved power of the faithful and firm human beings over all the materialistic power. Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the words raised in the world of Islam on outcome of the Palestinian nation's struggle and the heavy duty of nations and Muslim states, said that Iranian nation and government is as it was at the beginning of the Islamic revolution, beside Palestinian people and would support them in the scenes of struggles. The leader said recent incidents in Palestine unveiled real nature of the Zionist regime which is based on the logic of force and bullying. Elsewhere in his remarks, the leader said the country affairs could only be fulfilled in light of security, adding that the LEF is the strong and brave body which can offer security to the nation.
:irna 09/10/2000 20:45

Leader cautions against repeated, parallel research at seminaries (6.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 6, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Friday said that research conducted at seminaries on intellectual issues should attract and guide people to religion. The Supreme Leader said after inspecting an exhibition set up by the scientific and educational center of Qom Seminary that research is an important principle of affairs at the seminary.

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The leader cautioned against conduction of repeated and parallel research and said to prevent such research a strong headquarters should be set up to operate under supervision of the seminary's management, that would coordinate and guide research towards gaps and required subjects and prevent repeated and parallel themes.

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The leader said the prerequisite to that end is a strong management at seminaries. The giant educational system at seminaries, that is responsible for propagation of religion and public guidance, would be successful if operates under supervision of a strong management, added the leader. Ayatollah Khamenei stressed the need for identification and exploitation of talented people at seminaries. 73 research institutions and centers, affiliated to Qom Seminary, have put on show software and research findings in the fields of religious sciences, tradition, chronology of religions, jurisprudence, philosophy, history of Islam and Quran as well as on line services at the week-long exhibition. The leader had earlier attended a local seminary to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Islamic revolution and the 8-year (1980-88) sacred defense.
:irna 06/10/2000 19:13

Visit to the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoomeh (AS) (6.10.2000)

Qom, Oct 6, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pays pilgrimage visit to the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoomeh (AS), the noble sister of Hazrat Ali Ibn Mousa Al- Reza (AS), the eight Imam of Prophet Mohammad's (Peace Be Upon Him and His Progeny) infallible household, here on Thursday. BG/HM Photo by IRNA

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Leader urges officials to observe law, Constitution (6.10.2000)

Qom, Oct 6, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Thursday called on officials to abide by law and Constitution in order to block enemy's influence into the political and cultural organs of the Iranian system. Ayatollah Khamenei told a huge gathering of local citizens on the first day of his tour to Qom, main center of the clergy in Central Iran, that one of the biggest and most prestigious achievements of Iran's Islamic revolution has been preventing influence of the U.S. into the country. The Supreme Leader said enemies and their elements inside the country are trying to insure re-influence of foreigners in the country regardless of the fact that Iranian nation and officials are aware and would strongly oppose ambitions of the enemy.

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The leader said whenever the propaganda tools of the enemy sympathize with a prisoner or an official, express concern over a bill presented to Majlis, or wage a psychological war, one should be suspicious of the veracity of many of such claims. Iranian nation is vigilant and will not be deceived by the enemies' propaganda, stressed the leader. Ayatollah Khamenei said in cases where certain rioters are covered by enemy's propaganda or events such as Khorramabad unrest, the best option is observation of law and punishment of those behind the unrest to prevent the enemy and its elements inside the country to even think about such actions once again. ``The political factions and groups should adopt basic principles of the system, Constitution, the late Imam Khomeini's path, public interests and confrontation against enemies of the nation as bases for their unity,'' said the Supreme Leader. The leader said current differences among political groups are minor, but are magnified through hue and cry of certain elements. The act of those sacrificing unity, security and national interests for political ends is bad if it is not coupled with enemy's influence and worst if it is the case, added the leader. The leader invited officials of the three branches of the Islamic system and outstanding figures to unity. The main demand of the nation is improvement of the country's affairs on the basis of three elements including fighting poverty, corruption and discrimination, stressed the leader. ''if the link between people and legal centers (of the system) is broken, no way will be left to win the public trust,'' warned the leader. People's path is the path of God, Islam, revolution and the late Imam Khomeini and people do not pay attention to artificial groupings, said the leader. ``I invite all the political groups to unity and dialogue about the points under dispute according to principles adopted by the system,'' concluded the leader.
:irna 06/10/2000 15:30

Leader warns infiltration of enemy in absence of independence (6.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 6, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in Qom on Friday that in the absence of independence, the enemies who show no mercy to the nation, would dominate the fate of the nation. Ayatollah Khamenei said some intentionally or unintentionally want to put independence into oblivion. The enemy dominating the fate of a nation, is not benevolent to the nation and its (the nation's) fate is not important to it, warned the leader. The supreme leader warned that lack of independence would make a nation deprived of its identity, prestige, tradition, language, culture and wealth. Ayatollah Khamenei cited situation in India, Algeria, Peru, also in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America as evidence to his statement. ``Let's present you four examples (of colonialists' domination over a land and depriving a nation from its independence and identity) from our own history- the history over the past 100 years,'' said the Leader. The grand ayatollah said, ``These four examples would show us that when a foreign power dominates the political and cultural organs of a country what would happen to the country and its nation.'' The ayatollah referred to situation in Iran after the constitutional movement, Reza Khan's dynasty, replacement of Reza Khan with his son in September 1941, and the 1953 coup as examples of colonialists' domination over Iran and plunder of the country's wealth. ``This is fate of a nation who allows foreign powers infiltrate its political or cultural organs; if the (1979) Islamic Revolution had not happened and if this nation had not launched the big movement along with the late Imam Khomeini, do you, the Iranian nation, know what would befall you? A nation, failing to know scientific achievements of the west, with no invention, exploration or construction, would have lost its resources,'' said the leader. Ayatollah Khamenei said one of the biggest things the 1979 Islamic Revolution did after its triumph was to cut off hands of the U.S. The leader then touched on abortive efforts by a number of the U.S. mercenaries inside the country in the post-revolution era to return the U.S. back to the country. Elsewhere in his remarks the leader said, ``neither independence can prevent freedom nor freedom can prevent independence.''

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The Supreme Leader rejected the kind of freedom advocated by the individuals who try to pave the ground for enemy's infiltration into the country in the name of freedom through chanting slogans in favor of freedom. ``... this is what the enemy wishes; this is the same trap stretched by the enemy; today is a sensitive day; this age is a sensitive age,'' cautioned the leader. ``One has the right to be pessimistic upon hearing about reforms and freedom from such individuals,'' added the leader. The leader said that thanks to God almighty's blesses, officials of the system have stood up to the enemy with all might and are ready to do their best for independence of the country. The leader also recommended officials of the system to observe law.
:irna 06/10/2000 19:54

Leader says western civilization is deteriorating (5.10.2000)

Qom, Oct. 5, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said here Thursday that signs of western civilization's deterioration, i.e. science without ethics, materialism without spiritualism and power without justice, are visible. Ayatollah Khamenei told a number of theologians that western civilization has in various periods been trying to portray other civilizations as being inefficient but, he said, the claim is vain. The leader said today in Palestine, Zionist occupiers shoot a child in his father's arms and at men and women worshipers but the centers claiming human rights as well as western media keep mum in the face of those crimes, and report news (of the intifadha) in a wording and manner to appeal to and please the Zionist regime. These all point to the collapse and decay of the western civilization, added the leader. Cultivation of intellect and training of mankind are two basic elements for establishment of a big civilization, said the leader, adding that the Islamic system aims at establishing an Islamic civilization and marches on to that goal in a non-stop progress.

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He said the creation of a civilization able to lead humans' life is possible. He added the ulema lead others in the struggle for cultivation of intellect in the Islamic system. They undertake the task, he said, relying on the endless ocean of Islamic learning. Ayatollah Khamenei said those opposing religion in principle, opponents of the religious government, the hypocrites, power thirsty individuals, those misguided by western culture and those unable to understand Islamic concepts challenge the Islamic system. The Government, he said, should identify and cure the souls of those who need it, added the leader. The supreme leader said, curing does not mean using force or power, because speaking dialectics is more impressive than tough language. The leader warned that backwardness and ignorance of the spirit of the day, intellectual and behavioral looseness, opportunism and exploiting offices or learning or engaging in every sort of mischief are things on which the enemies of Iran can focus and aggrandize to the detriment of the Islamic Republic. Ayatollah Khamenei said that Muslim seminaries and especially Qom seminary, shoulder the grave responsibility of hoisting the banner of Islamic civilization and facing existing challenges. The seminaries should strive for removing shortcomings in the Islamic system, said the Leader, adding that no personal or political motif can bar seminaries from supporting the system. He said there are centers at work in and outside of the country to make the Iranian youth lose their faith in Islam or have second thought about the propriety of Islam as the result of inculcating doubts in their minds that are based only on poor arguments. He said Muslim theological schools are capable of preventing eruption of intellectual crises among members of the society. The leader called on the audience to make theological students aware to face various thoughts, currents and artificial political blocking and to identify the right path.
:irna 05/10/2000 20:46

Supreme Leader condemns massacre of Palestinians (4.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 4, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a statement here Wednesday condemned the Zionist regime's recent `anti-humane and hostile' attack on Palestinians and massacre of Muslims. Ayatollah Khamenei said the criminal Palestine occupation regime had repeated the barbaric acts it did in Palestine over the past 50 years and killed a large number of Palestinians, including a child before his father, in the vain hope of extinguishing the flames of relentless freedom and justice seeking struggles. ``But this time too like before, it will not emerge triumphant from the heinous crime and its sinister plans and satanic wishes would be thwarted,'' said the Supreme Leader. The Leader said today, the vigilant Muslims have staged wide-scale demonstrations, asking their governments to open up the way for Jihad and let Muslims carry out this important duty as only solution in order to push the occupiers out of the usurped lands, thus allowing the Palestinians to return to their homeland. Today, the process of financial, spiritual and political support for Jihad movements and Intifada goes on vigorously, said the Leader. The Leader said today, voice of those claiming human rights has faded and their treacherous nature has been unveiled to the effect that many of them cannot avoid condemning the massacre. Although this ugly catastrophe was aimed at imposing illegitimate goals of the Zionist rulers on those negotiating for compromise, the brave Palestinian nation condemns such talks and would reverse the course of the humiliating fate, said Ayatollah Khamenei. He added that the struggles would bear fruit as God promises so and the occupied lands would be liberated and the plundered assets would be restored to their real owners. Ayatollah Khamenei assured the Palestinian people that their movement would be supported by Muslims and revolutionaries. The Islamic Republic of Iran would honorably support and confirm the sacred movement, concluded the Leader.
:irna 04/10/2000 17:04
Read the complete text of Imam Khamene'is statement

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Leader: Freedom in Islam different from Western concept (2.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 2, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Monday that freedom in the West has its own meaning which is different from freedom in Islam. In a meeting with Friday prayers leaders nationwide, the Supreme Leader said freedom in Islam is a concept different from that of the Western community and the Western freedom should not find its way into the Iranian community. The Leader said the Western and industrialized community are in dire need of morality and the anti-Iran propaganda machines have stepped up efforts to prevent Iran from introducing a role model for honoring religious values in administration of the country. Ayatollah Khamenei said the innate objection to Islam is the identical feature of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran because Islam has put forward the idea of laying the foundation of the state administration and has clarified criteria for individual behavior and man's relationship with social, political, economic and cultural aspects of life. The Supreme Leader said the Iranian people broke the barriers and put aside the wrong belief of obligation to the tyrant rulers and exercised political presence by going to the polls for the first time, thanks to the blessings of the Islamic Revolution.

021000a.gif (35841 Byte)

"The Iranian nation runs the country with sense of confidence, affection and responsibility in accordance with the Islamic teachings something which is contrary to the Western democracy," the Supreme Leader said. The Leader offered recommendations to the Friday Prayers Leaders and said that the Friday Prayers should be given much more importance and the event should focus on conveying the messages of Holy Quran to the people. On the importance of Friday Prayers, the leader said the Friday Prayers have served to foil the enemy's attempt to mix up the right with wrong. The Leader called on the Friday Prayers leaders to refrain from factional sentiments, but express their views when the anti-Islam camp embarked on propaganda campaign. Ayatollah Khamenei said the Iranian nation has gained special fame among the Muslim nations adding that the enemy failed to understand the deep strategy of the Islamic Republic and the deep faith in Islam of the Iranian people and pinned hope in vain on certain opportunities to deal a blow to the Islamic Republic. The Leader said there is no doubt that the enemy's conspiracy on cultural inroad is doomed to failure. Prior to the Leader's remarks, Speaker of Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Ali Meshkini presented a report on the simple life led by Friday Prayers leaders.
:irna 02/10/2000 17:23

Ayatollah Khamenei assures hamass envoy of eventual triumph of intifadha (1.10.2000)

Tehran, Oct 1, IRNA - A group of Hamass members, among them Khalid Mash'al here Sunday told the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed-Ali Khamenei, that Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution in Iran had inspired the formation of the resistance (intifadha) against occupying forces. Khalid Mash'al said the current resistance by Palestinian strugglers in the occupied lands, their acts of self-sacrifice and the number of them who were martyred by the Zionist troops in the occupied Palestine over the past few days are proof of the fact that they are firm in the course of the action that they have opted for, and that they will hold out in their resistance against the Zionist Regime until a full victory.

011000a.gif (36483 Byte)

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution told them in response that the final solution to the plight of the Palestinians rests only on a full jihad with the Zionist Regime. He said the movement that goes on in the occupied lands has a full generation behind it. Ayatollah Khamenei said Muslim governments should now declare their position unequivocally in the face of what is going on in the occupied lands. "Certainly," he said, "the Muslim Governments which should fail to declare their position (in connection with the current developments in the occupied lands) and which should fail to offer help to the Palestinians will do so to their own detriment." The Leader of the Islamic Revolution reminded Hamass envoys that throughout history, many schemes had been contrived against the Palestinians all of which had failed. Ayatollah Khamenei assured Hamass that the part of the Palestinian territory that had been dismembered from Palestine would eventually return to the Muslim World and to the Muslim nation that had true title to it.
:irna 01/10/2000 22:22

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