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Ayatollah Khamenei extols physicians of Iraqi war (30.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 30, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised here Thursday the bravery and sacrifice of devout physicians during the 1980-1988 Iraqi-imposed war which claimed lots of lives on both sides. In a meeting with a group of physicians of the Sacred Defense (an allusion to the war) period, he said, "The spirit of bravery, readiness to attend the battlefields and sacrificing personal interests for national interests should always be commended in the society." Ayatollah Khamenei said that national bravery guarantees happiness and development in the society, noting the bravery of Iranian combatants during the bloody war. He criticized certain efforts aimed to denigrate the spirit of bravery and sacrifice, and disparage the religious values and the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and called for confrontation against such efforts. "The only way for the human being to emancipate from the oppression of major powers is belief in God and Islam." The event was also attended by the Commander of the Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps (IRGC) Major-General Rahim Safavi and Health Minister Mohammad Farhadi. The visitors said their prayers led by Ayatollah Khamenei and then broke their fast on the third day of the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan.
:irna 30/11/2000 21:56

Leader stresses the importance of learning and reciting Quran (28.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA -- On the occasion of the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, a group of people who have memorized the whole Quran and some reciters and scholars of the Holy Book called on the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here Tuesday. At the spiritual ceremony, the Supreme Leader said that learning and reciting the Holy Quran is an introduction to the understanding of God's words and emphasized the importance of deliberation on the meaning of the Holy Muslim Book. The leader said habitual reading of the Holy Qoran is a requirement to understanding the meaning of the book, and added that everyone should try to appreciate the concepts of the Quran so as to get acquainted with the words of God and divine commands. About 600 people attended the ceremony and some of them recited verses of the Quran. Mohammad Hossein Tabatabaee, the eight-year-old boy Interpreter and reciter by heart of the whole Quran who was present at the ceremony was warmly received by the Supreme Leader.
:irna 28/11/2000 21:16

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Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (R) seen chatting with the Iranian genius Mohammad Hossein Tabatabaei (C)in a meeting with a group of people who have memorized the whole Quran and some reciters and scholars of the Holy Book. The meeting was arranged on the advent of the Mulsim holy fasting month of Ramadhan.
:irna 29/11/2000 00:04

Leader: Armed forces, symbol of national dignity (26.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 26, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said here Sunday that heroic defense of the Iranian nation and armed forces during the 8-year imposed war has encouraged other nations to stand up to global powers for their independence. Ayatollah Khamenei told the 33rd graduation ceremony of the students of Imam Ali (AS) Police Academy as well as pilots graduating from Aviation College of the Army's Airborne Division enemy tries to prevent the Iranian nation from setting a pattern worldwide.

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The Leader said breaking the myth of the Zionist regime's invulnerability in southern Lebanon and the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people to the Zionist occupation forces are among the blessings of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. The Supreme Leader said the Islamic Republic is based on strong logic and ideas and has the potential to win the faith of nations. Despite enemy plots, the Iranian nation has succeeded in making its voice heard throughout the world over the past 21 years, added the paramount Leader. Ayatollah Khamenei hailed the armed forces as a symbol of national dignity and pride and said training of committed, resolute and educated youth, having faith in Islam and the revolution, at Imam Ali (AS) Police Academy would strengthen and revitalize the army. After his speech, the Leader awarded a number of exemplary cadets. At the end of the ceremony, the Leader reviewed a military parade by model units.
:irna 26/11/2000 16:43

Leader: Basij, effective body in safeguarding Islamic Republic (25.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday the Basij (volunteer forces) is an effective body in safeguarding the Islamic Republic. Speaking at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of establishment of Basij in 1979, the Supreme Leader said victory of the Islamic Revolution and the Intifada of the Palestinian people are indication of the progressive nature of the right and the gradual retreat of injustice. The Leader said that the moral values and religious thoughts are growing in the world adding that the advocates of truth have gained grounds at the universal level. Ayatollah Khamenei said that formation of Basij was a great blessing of the Islamic Revolution and the late Imam Khomeini.

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The Leader said the Basij is a voluntary presence of the faithful in the forefront of the campaign against injustice when the Islamic Republic needs defense. The Supreme Leader said there are different formations in the country whose members have Basiji sentiments. The Basij members are the most efficient people working in different sections of the country. Ayatollah Khamenei called on Basij officials to adopt plan preparing the ground for the people from different segments of the community to join the Basij. The Leader also urged the Basij officials to embark on guidance of the large body of the Basij for prevention of any defect in the system of the popular body.
:irna 25/11/2000 16:27

Leader expresses sorrow over death of Experts Assembly member (23.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 23, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, on Thursday expressed sorrow over the demise of senior theologian and member of Experts Assembly Ayatollah Seyed Mehdi Rouhani. "With great sorrow I was informed that Ayatollah Seyed Mehdi Rouhani had passed away after a long period of suffering from illness," he said. "He was the vanguard of morality and piety, on the forefront of propagating Islam and Jihad (struggle to safeguard the Islamic values) and his demise has been a great loss to theological centers," the leader said. The Supreme Leader also appreciated the high level of theological knowledge of the late Ayatollah Rouhani who represented the people of Qom at the Experts Assembly. Ayatollah Khamenei offered his condolences to the theological centers and to the bereaved family of the deceased Ayatollah. Ayatollah Rouhani, 76 passed away on Thursday morning in the wake of lung cancer.
:irna 23/11/2000 19:39

Leader: Supporting Intifada, historical duty of all Muslim states (23.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 23, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei here on Thursday stressed that supporting the Intifada (uprising) of the Muslim Palestinians is the Islamic, humanitarian and historical duty of all Muslim countries, the Arab states in particular. The paramount Leader made the remark while receiving the visiting Syrian Prime Minister, Mohammed Mustapha Miro. He further reiterated that one day the region will undoubtedly witness the elimination of the Zionist regime. Terming the recent crimes committed by the Zionist regime in the occupied territories as unprecedented over the past 50 years, the Supreme Leader stressed that the Zionist regime, since its creation, has never been faced with such a big problem. Under such a situation, any move by the Zionist regime and its major supporter, the United States, will end up in their loss, Ayatollah Khamenei added. Underlining the need for regional countries to be alert, adopt appropriate stands and take practical measures in the face of the Zionist regime, the Leader said that today, the region is going through a new and crucial test. Now the regional states and different communities should do more than rhetorics, the Leader said adding that they should take serious and practical measures to support the oppressed and rightful people of Palestine. The new Palestinian Intifada, even if suppressed, will not stop, Ayatollah Khamenei said adding that the Zionist regime will definitely be annihilated and the Palestinian country will be established one day. Underlining the need for coordination between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria under the current regional situation, the Leader stressed that the two countries are linked together strategically. Tehran will support Damascus under any circumstances, the Leader added. Paying tribute to the late Hafiz al-Assad, Ayatollah Khamenei appreciated the stands taken by President Bashar al-Assad on continuation of cooperation with the Islamic Republic. Due to their identical intellectual bonds, Iran and Syria have enjoyed good cooperation concerning different international and regional developments over the past 21 years, the Leader noted and called for continuation of such cooperation. During the visit, in which First Vice-President Hassan Habibi was also present, the Syrian premier praised the stands of the Iranian leadership, government and nation in providing support for Damascus. Referring to Tehran-Damascus relations as deep and amicable, he stressed that President Bashar favors further expansion of mutual cooperation with Iran. Iran-Syria cooperation and the two countries' common stands against the U.S. interventions have had great and positive impacts on the victory of the Lebanese Resistance Movement over the Zionist regime, Miro said adding that continuation of such cooperation will undoubtedly play a key role in liberation of the occupied territories.
:irna 23/11/2000 15:14

Supreme Leader: Islamic countries should punish Israel (22.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 22, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei here Wednesday described the clerics as a community treading the path of the prophets. Addressing a group of theological students, the Leader said the most important issue in Qom theological schools is to determine the status of the clerics and make wise and steady efforts to attain the objectives of the prophets. Ayatollah Khamenei said the theological students should get acquainted with Islamic viewpoints on new phenomena and social and political issues. He added some developments in today's world are clear signs that materialistic system in the West based on humanism is void compared with the Islamic system which is based on divine revelations and teachings of the prophets.

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Referring to Washington's support for the Zionist regime which is a top violator of human rights, as a blatant example of the western democracy based humanism, the Supreme Leader said the western world and the U.S. are watching silently the crimes being committed by the Zionist regime and its killing of innocent people whose only fault is seeking their rights. The Leader criticized the Islamic countries for their reluctance to confront the Zionist regime and stressed that the Muslim world and especially the Arab countries should take seriously the punishment of Israel by stopping oil export and organizing extensive popular protests. Ayatollah Khamenei cited the presidential elections in the U.S. as another proof of the hollowness of materialistic systems in the West and said the representative of 25 percent of people governs 75 percent of people which demonstrates that the rule of majority in the western systems is a myth.
:irna 22/11/2000 16:33

Leader: meeting people's needs, a must in popular religious system (20.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 20, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei met Interior Minister Hojatoleslam Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari and provincial governors Monday evening. Addressing the political representatives of the Islamic system after a brief report presented by the Interior Minister Mousavi Lari, the Leader stressed on the people's role in the establishment of popular and religious system and also their role in the appointment of its ranking officials as one of the pillars of such governments.

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He also referred to the authorities' responsibility in paying close attention to the people's problems and providing for the people's well-being as the other pillar of such systems. "The responsibilities and political positions are to be viewed as opportunities to serve the people," further stressed the Leader adding, "basically, one of the major differences between an Islamic system's authorities with those of other types of political systems is the way they think about a political position and how to take advantage of them." He pointed out that taking advantage of a political position in order to secure personal financial benefits is a deviation from the Right Path and a corruption that can hurt the whole entity of a political system if appropriate remedies are not sought immediately. Ayatollah Khamenei said, "in an Islamic system the country belongs to the people and the people's interests take precedence over those of individuals and groups," adding that the Islamic system is not after establishment of a dictatorship and exerting its own hegemony over the minds and hearts of the people. The Leader said that the political authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran must establish a much closer relationship with the people. The Leader referred to being at the service of the people as a great blessing for the political authorities, reiterating, "The sincere and heart-felt sentiments of the people towards the authorities is a glorious sign of the depth of latters' relations with the people, and signifies the strong religious beliefs of these people who love their political system." Ayatollah Khamenei also referred to the wrong bureaucratic methods that the Islamic government of Iran has unfortunately inherited from the past ousted regime, and stressed the need for a deep reform in this regard. He also pointed to the God's promise to assist those who help Him, adding that the Islamic system has encountered with various types of difficulties and conspiracies during the past 21 years of its resistance, but God's blessings have always safeguarded the system because this government has hoisted the flag of the glory of religion against the global tyranny of oppression. The Leader referred to the importance of the governor generals' duties since they link the system with the people. He stressed the the need for them to lead a pious life as Quran has ordered. He encouraged the country's governor generals, and other authorities to be serious in performing their duties and to take full advantage of the divine blessings of the holy months of Sah'ban and Ramadhan in purification of their souls through seeking the Exalted Allah's assistance in order to render further services to the people. Before the Leader's address, the Interior Minister in a brief speech referred to the sensitive role of the governor generals as the meeting point between the system and the people and gave a brief account of the works done by the 286 governorate offices across the country.
:irna 20/11/2000 23:26

Martyrs, war veterans, released PoWs Iran's most precious asset (18.11.2000)

Supreme Leader Saveh, Nov 18, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday the martyrs, war veterans and the released prisoners of war (PoWs) were the most precious wealth of the country. Speaking to the families of the martyrs and war veterans as well as number of the workers in Saveh, the Supreme Leader said the officials with the Three Branches of the government have to take lessons from the behaviors and actions of the war veterans and those who lost their lives in the path of God. Elaborating on the self-sacrificing acts undertaken by the war veterans over the eight years of the sacred defense, Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out that the most respected people in the country are those who were present in the war front under critical conditions. Addressing the workers present in the meeting, the Leader stated that the workers have to gain more skills and experience while promoting the conscience of working in the society. He praised the great efforts done by the working classes in contributing to the country's prosperity. The leader wound up its five-day visit to the Central Province and returned back to Tehran Saturday night.
:irna 19/11/2000 00:02

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Saveh, Central Prov., Nov 19, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, on Saturday paid tribute to a messenger of Allah whose shrine is in the vicinicty of this central city.
:irna 19/11/2000 13:24

Leader: Islamic Republic has embarked on developing democracy (18.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 18, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that Islam is the proponent of democracy in the true sense and the Islamic Republic of Iran has launched a new movement to develop democracy. Addressing a large public gathering in Saveh, Central province, the Supreme Leader said the Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on developing religious democracy which has drawn the attention of many nations, intellectuals and political figures. The leader said that in Islamic democracy, relationship between the people and official is mutual based on sympathy and religious sentiment.

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The people's rights are of high significance in Islamic democracy, the Supreme Leader said. Ayatollah Khamenei recalled the model of honoring the people's rights in the era of the Muslim rule under Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS) and said under the Muslim rule, the officials should honor their commitment to the people and do their best to render service to the people. The Leader said presence of the people in different stages of the democratic process indicates their trust in the officials of the Islamic Republic. The Leader pointed to the presidential election in the United States and said that the U.S. president is being elected with 25 percent of the votes. 75 percent of the U.S. population are not interested in the presidential election and those who voted for a candidate have done so under influence of the publicity. Is it possible to say that the U.S. administrative system is democratic? the Leader asked. Democracy in the Western states, the Leader pointed out, is not a reality. The radio and television stations in the Western countries belong to big capitalists so that the propaganda machine is under the monopoly of the capitalists who do not care about people's interests and do not disclose the secrets of the Western democracy. "In the Western democracy there is freedom on violating the humanitarian values and freedom in the Western democracy does not mean to honor the people's right to take part in determining their own fate," the leader said. On the significance of social justice, the Supreme Leader said that progress and social development in the country would be impossible in the absence of social justice. The Leader said that both the officials and the people are required to honor the law adding that social justice would be restored by honoring the law.
:irna 18/11/2000 17:12

Leader: Serving people, worship of the highest order (18.11.2000)

Arak, Markazi (Central) prov., Nov 18, IRNA - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, said here on Friday night that the issue of appointing qualified candidates to higher posts in the executive branch of government should be institutionalized. Addressing a meeting of administrative officials of this central province, the leader also stressed the need to confront administrative corruption. Ayatollah Khamenei said that under present circumstances serving the people is the greatest form of worship. The leader described the financial, planning and management sectors of the government as fulfilling the most crucial responsibilities of the country, and called on officials to use the three sectors to the fullest advantage. Ayatollah Khamenei also urged executive officials of the country to take pre-emptive measures to combat violations of administrative rules and regulations before cases involving these violations reach the courts. According to the leader, poverty, administrative corruption and discrimination are the root causes of all other corruptions and thus called on officials to take appropriate measures to thwart these causes and to deal with administrative and executive affairs in a manner free from factionalism. Referring to the shortcomings of this central province, the supreme leader expressed his hope that through planning and efforts made by its officials the problems would be solved. Before the supreme leader gave his speech, Central Province overnor-General Hamid Haji Abdolvahhab presented a report of the economic and social situation prevailing in the province. The governor-general expressed his hope that during the current visit of the supreme leader provincial measures would be taken to gradually lift the province from its problems. Ayatollah Khamenei began a five-day inspection tour of this central province on Tuesday which is due to wind up today. He has already personally visited a number of cities in the province and has sent personal representatives to various towns to hear and assess problems facing their residents.
:irna 18/11/2000 10:56

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Tehran, Nov 18, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Friday evening visited a holy shrine in the village of Hazaveh, in the vicinity of the Central provincial capital city of Arak.
:irna 18/11/2000 13:18

Central Province experts, representatives meet Leader (17.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 17, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, met and conferred with a group of experts, intellectuals and representatives of the Central Province for two hours on Thursday evening. The dialogs, held in a sincere and warm atmosphere, were mainly around the problems and needs of the region's people, including the intellectuals. Ayatollah Khamenei referred to a country's experts as the greatest and most valuable national assets, stressing, "the major duty of our country's experts is hoisting the flag of a scientific and intellectual `Jihad' in order to make up for the country's backwardednesses. He reiterated that it is the moral and humanitarian responsibility of every individual in our society today to try his best to eliminate the nation's problems, adding, "in this path, the larger the number of those who have scientific and intellectual capabilities, the sooner our Islamic system would achieve its lofty objectives." The Leader reiterated that the Iranian nation will surely gain its desired high goals through their perseverance and determination.
:irna 17/11/2000 19:41

Leader of Revolution meets people in Tafresh (17.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 17, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khameni, arrived in the city of Tafresh in the southern part of the Central Province on the fourth day of his visit to the province on Friday and attended the gathering of an enthusiastic crowd who had gathered to visit him. The Leader referred to the people of Tafresh, Ashtian and Farahan as "a pious, brave and noble people, who love their infallible Imams (AS) and Islam." "Your region has presented great and humane talented individuals in cultural, scientific and political fields to our nation," reiterated the Leader, adding, "Mirza Taqi Khan Amir Kabir and Qa'em Maqam Farahani (both prominent prime ministers at Qajar era) are among the great personalities from this region, who resisted against the hegemony of the foreigners, that was the country's major problem during the reign of the Qajar Dynasty. Ayatollah Khamenei then referred to the brave resistance of two prominent Alims and sources of jurusprudence from that region against the influence of the foreigners, namely the late Grand Ayatollahs Mirza Shirazi, and Mirza Hassan Ashtiani, reiterating, "the nobel, alert, clever and brave clergies have always fought against the foreign influence along the course of our history.

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The Leader referred to the ousted Pahlavi Dynasty's serious palns for fighting against the independent clergies as well as sowing the seeds of discord between them and the people, that results in alienation of the people form thair religion and providing for the hegemony of the foreign powers over the country. "The enemies never succeeded to ruin the good relationsip between the body of the clergies with the Iranian nation or to deprive them of their religious feelings, because this nation has never been agreed with, and will never yield to the hegemony of the foreign powers." The Leader of the Islamic Revolution further stressed that, "Anyone whose heart beats for this country's prosperity must be alert and on guard against the ecconomic, cultural and political hegemony of the Americans in Iran," adding, "those whose awkward and inappropriate words, deeds and political maneuvers are focussed on raising the hopes of the enemy for returning to the various scenes of our country's affais are in fact betraying the ideals of our nation and acting against the interests of their country." Ayatollah Khamenei anounced, "The Islamic Republic of Iran, is determined to resist against any enemy, relying on Islam and the strong belief of our pious, kind and sincere nation, and to guide this nation and this country to the highest peaks of advancement and prosperity." Referring to the problems and defficiencies of the region, the Leader said, "The authorities in charge will try their best to eliminate these shortcomings as soon as possible."
:irna 17/11/2000 18:57

Ayatollah Khamenei warns youths of cultural traps of U.S. (16.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 16, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called Thursday in the Central Province on the Iranian youths to be wary of the cultural plots of the U.S. which, he said, are hatched to dishearten Iran's youths. Addressing a strong group of youths in this central province, he said, "the international arrogance headed by the U.S. is waging wide-ranging propaganda to dishearten the people, particularly the youths." He noted that the Islamic Republic can challenge "tens of superpowers" not just the United States. Ayatollah Khamenei also warned of political bickering in the country and urged the youths to steer clear of purely factional rivalries and rhetoric. Instead, he said, the youths should believe in Islam, in the path set by the founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, and in the national independence so that they would be able to opt for the correct path. Meanwhile, the leader, praised the younger Iranian generation, saying, "I am very hopeful about the future of this younger generation." Ayatollah Khamenei touched on employment and marriage as the personal preoccupation of the youths, and also injustice and corruption as their societal concerns. He said the youth must be able to get married when they are young, but commented that concerns for unjustifiable material rituals of marriage that are really irrelevant to starting a married life were making ht difficult for the youg Iranians to get married and settle down when they could do it. Ayatollah Khamenei arrived in Arak for a five-day routine visist Tuesday.
:irna 16/11/2000 23:33

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Leader: Officials are working to provide people with welfare (16.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 16, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said in Khomein, the birthplace of the late Imam Khomeini, on Thursday the officials are working for the welfare of the people, particularly those in the deprived areas. Addressing a large gathering of people, the Supreme Leader paid tribute to the founder of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam Khomeini.

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The Leader said that the majority of the Iranian nation, the youth and the officials including the heads of the three branches of government are the followers of the late Imam Khomeini. The Leader said that all those seeking dignity of the Iranian nation and the success of the Islamic Republic are brethren. Ayatollah Khamenei said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is working to provide the people with welfare particularly to those living in the deprived areas of the country and complained that certain people are sowing discord for partisan sentiments. "All the officials are working hard to help the people remove the difficulty they have in everyday life," the Leader said adding that the government is also required to launch campaign against corruption and drug addiction which have posed threats to the young generation.
:irna 16/11/2000 18:00

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Khomein, Central Prov., Nov 16, IRNA -- Two youths welcome Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to the birthplace of the father of the Islamic Revolution and founder of the Islamic republic the late Imam Khomeini here Thursday.
:irna 16/11/2000 17:01

Leader: Palestinian uprising a blessing of Islamic Revolution (16.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 16, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said in the central city of Arak on Wednesday evening that the awakening of the Palestinians nation as well as the helplessness of the U.S. and the Zionist regime in the face of the uprising was an outcome of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. In a meeting with the ulema, clerics and seminary students in Central province, the Leader referred to the influence of Iran's Islamic Revolution among other nations and said the export of Islamic Revolution was synonymous with the export of thoughts and ideas. Ayatollah Khamenei described the Islamic Republic of Iran a `righteous concept' which triggers awe and fear among the superpowers. The Leader said the big responsibility of the clerics at `this sensitive juncture' was to strive for protecting the Islamic system and abstain from seeking mundane privileges. The Supreme Leader advised the clerics to keep abreast of the current demands in the society, particularly those of the youth and said, "Clerics, besides being skilled in theoretical, philosophical and jurisprudence concepts, should also increase their awareness on the needs of the time." The Leader pointed out that the key to late Imam Khomeini's success in leading the Islamic Revolution was his sincere intentions as well as his spiritualism. BH/AH End ::irna 16/11/2000 11:41

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Leader: America's power proven inefficient vis-a-vis Palestinians' will (16.11.2000)

Arak, Nov 16, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, said in Arak on Wednesday evening that "today the political will, economic aids and military capabilities of the U.S. , mobilized to support the Zionists, and Zionists' own military machine, have all proved to be inefficient when contrasted to the faith and strong will of the Palestinian nation and particularly their empty-handed youth."

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The Commander in Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces, Ayatollah Khamenei, who was speaking at the gathering of Arak armed forces in the central part of the country went on to say, "The guaranteed destiny of any nation, armed with such a strong faith, coupled with such an unrivalled incentive, is definitely embracing the sweet victory." The Leader reiterated, "What has led to the awakening of the Muslim nations and giving them an incentive to resist against the big powers' oppression, particularly among the Palestinians and the Lebanese, is the Iranian nations' twenty-year resistance against the global powers, including the braveries of the combatants of Islam during their eight-year sacred defense." Ayatollah Khamenei referred to one of the precious achievements of Iranian nation during the imposed war, despite the great human and material losses, as "the strengthening of the Islamic system," adding that, "the major objective of the global arrogance in organizing the eight-year war against the Iranian revolutionary nation and government was preventing the Islamic nations to take model from our revolution or to hope to achieve similar victories and to destroy their incentives. Yet the selfless braveries of the Iranian youth, the combatants of Islam and their families made the global powers forgot all about their objectives and their goals at the end." The Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the sensitive point that the United States and the global arrogance are always busy trying to convince the nations that they can not do anything against their will and their goals, further reiterating, "the Iranian nation is proud that it successfully managed, through its resistance, and its selfless struggles, not only to crush that fable and defend their country's independence and territorial integrity mightily, but also to present a practical pattern for the Muslim nations." The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces said that the only cure for the miseries of the Islamic nations is to stand fast against the illegitimate will of the global powers, adding, "the present incentive and alertness of the Palestinian nation is partly owed to the blessed victory of the Islamic Revolution, the sacred title of `combatant Islam' and the spirituality, truthfulness and strong belief of the late Imam in God, that made him a great model for the world Muslims."
:irna 16/11/2000 01:18

Leader: Top duty of clerics to keep solid foundation of Islamic system (16.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 16, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with the clerics and religious students of the Central Province theological schools said the most important duty of the clerics was to try and preserve the solid foundation of Iran's Islamic system. He said Iran's Islamic system was the fruit of God's favors, attempts of the religious jurisprudents in the previous periods and the wise leadership of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini. Pointing to the key role played by the clergy in Iran's Islamic system and the expectations of the public from the clerical community, the Leader said under the sensitive circumstances the clerics should try to safeguard the Islamic system of the country and distance themselves from the worldly advantages. To this end, the Leader advised, the clerics have to identify the real needs of the public, in particular the needs of the young people. He said the clerics should try to penetrate the issues of today's world while possessing deep jurisprudential knowledge in order to be able to answer to the questions raised by the young generation and to meet their needs. The Leader went on to say that exporting the Revolution means exporting the spiritual thoughts and ideals to other nations adding that the resistance of the Palestinian people against the Zionist regime of Israel and the weakness of the United States vis-a-vis the Palestinian struggle is a reflection of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
:irna 16/11/2000 00:12

Leader inspects exhibition of Central Province capabilities (15.11.2000)

Arak, Central prov., Nov 15, IRNA -- On the second day of his inspection tour of the province, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday visited an exhibition on potentials and capabilities of the Central province. In the course of his three-hour visit, the Leader became further acquainted with the potentials and capabilities of the province in various fields. Over 240 pavilions in the exhibition have put on display various industrial, mineral, agricultural, livestock products and foodstuff produced in the province. Producers and officials of the firms being represented at the exhibition briefed the Leader on their activities as well as their products. Some producers also urged Ayatollah Khamenei to advise the government to provide more support for domestic products, extend them with more credits and solve problems facing exporters. Various firms from the public and private sectors as well as cooperatives from throughout the province are taking part in the exhibition being held in an area of 10,000 square meters, at the permanent international exhibitions ground of the province in Arak. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution began a five-day inspection tour of the province on Tuesday.
:irna 15/11/2000 15:34

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Arak, Central Prov., Nov 15, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei inspects the handicrafts pavilion of a fair and pavilion of machinery, where potentiality of this central Iranian province has been put on show, on Wednesday. BG/AH
:irna 15/11/2000 18:13

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Arak, Central Prov., Nov 15, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei here on Tuesday evening received a group of relatives of martyrs of the Central Province.
:irna 15/11/2000 12:04

Leader Concerned About Cultural Situation, Mohajerani Must Act (15.11.2000)

Tehran Times- Wednesday, November 15, 2000, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Tuesday voiced his concern about the cultural situation in the country and criticized the cultural officials for their inaction and lack of effective measures to rectify the wrongs in the cultural area.
The Leader, who was on a meet-the-people tour of the Central Province told the people in the provincial capital of Arak that he was by no means satisfied with the performance of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, "Since the cultural officials have done things which they shouldn't have and don't do what they are expected to." Without calling the Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani by name, the Leader stressed that those at the top of the Culture Ministry should rectify their mistakes and try to improve the cultural situation in the country.
The fact is that the print media play a major role in transmitting information and keeping the people informed of the latest domestic and international developments. But due to certain misguided policies of the Guidance Ministry, some print media in the recent past questioned the foundations of the system, insulted Islamic sanctities and tried to undermine religious and revolutionary principles instead of carrying out their major task, which is information transmission.
Consequently, in order to preserve religious and cultural values, the Judiciary had to take legal action against those print media and their journalists, who were also trying to defame some senior government officials through their baseless allegations.
The main problem with these journalists was that they misused their freedom of expression, as they applied this freedom to create discord in society, harm national interests and undermine religious and revolutionary principles.
Furthermore, because of the same misguided policies of the Guidance Ministry, some films and books with trite and vulgar themes threatening the moral, cultural and religious values of the committed Iranian people are currently being produced and published in the country without any evaluation, control or supervision by the ministry. Considering the concern expressed by the Leader over the cultural situation in the country, Mohajerani should immediately reconsider his policies and take the necessary measures to rectify the wrongs in the cultural area.

Leader reminds people of responsibility to safeguard national and religious culture (14.11.2000)

Arak, Nov 14, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyed-Ali Khamenei, addressed the people of Arak at a large assembly in the ity Tuesday, reminding them of the responsibility to protect national and religious culture against inroads of un-Islamic cultures. The following is excerpts from his address to the local people here Tuesday. "The Palestinian nation will not always content themselves with stones and their bare hands (in their fight with the Zionist regime). One day, they will have to rely on firearms to defend their homeland... "The Islamic governments should feel responsible for the Palestinians who are suffering from Zionists' brutalities and help them in any possible way... "My dear brothers and sisters, the Central Province is in fact one characterized by cultural and intellectual growth and by invaluable cultural and political accomplishments. This is true throughout the province. Certainly, the province has ancient and old towns but the city of Arak is very young in comparison with many old towns and cities. Despite its short life, however, it has been the cradle for many prominent personalities all of whom boast of accomplishments of their own. Your city is actually one which has been the source for theological schools in Qom. The theological schools in Qom were established by a personality who was attracted to your city and who left Najaf and Samera to this part of our country. The prominent personalities of Arak were also equally prominent when they were in Najaf... The late Ayatollah Araki who resided in Qom was a personality in whom we must take pride. Among the people and personalities who were reared in this province and this town were leading members of the Ulema. On top of them is a personality second to none for his greatness and character and for his charisma. That personality was Imam Khomeini... "Our endeared Imam Khomeini formed the skeleton of his religious scholarship in the same town and in the very same school which today is named after himself. He studied in the same school and passed a few years of is youth in this same place. Such was the man who was gifted to the theological school of Qom by your province and the theological school of Qom reared him as a radiant gem for the Iranian nation. "Therefore, it was you people of Arak and the people of this province who reared this great personality among yourselves and you dedicated him to the Muslim world and this is the particular character of your big city today. In the meanwhile, your city has also developed to a national pole, today Arak and Saveh are among the biggest industrial complexes nationally. "Technologically Arak has been progressive and agriculturally it has also accomplished considerably. Your surplus wheat production, your dairy products are the gifts of your province to the nation... "But, today I would like to address, especially the youth of the city of Arak and of the Central Province and rather the whole of the youth of our nation which form a big population.... Today our world is a combination of poles of power and they form the components of a total global system which has sadly created an oppressive global system in our time. What is an oppressive system? An oppressive system is one in which a number of countries are oppressive and the rest are the oppressed. It is a matter of convention today to divide the world to the north and the south. The north, meaning the wealthy countries and the south meaning poor or developing nations... "Let me tell you the cultural domination is a lot more threatening than economic and political domination. Why? Because once a nation as dominated over another nation culturally, the one which is under the domination of the other will suffer culturally....Just imagine a noble person having been reared at an honorable household with respectable parents. No one would be able to make a personal servant of such a person for himself. Why? Because he relies on his own family pride and would never degrade himself into doing base errands. To be able to turn him to a humble servant would certainly require that his personality, his family pride, his own identity and every element of his character and personal pride be humiliated so that he will forget who he really is and what personality he has. Once he is been metamorphosed into a new personality of that kind he can be exploited in every possible way. He can be taken advantage of in many ways. So is a whole nation. Once they can alienate a nation from their past history and from the people in whom they take pride and, once they rob that nation of their native language and of their cultural past that nation will submissively suffer whatever is to befall them. They (the oppressive world powers) did exactly that to many nations. The main elements of domination in the present day are extremely dangerous apparatus that is very cruel. They have formed a complex of cartels and trusts and economic companies throughout the world which today, have the maximum domination on the American government. We call the United States an oppressive government and when we say 'the international arrogance' it reminds everyone of the American government. That is because the domination of profiteering and oppressive systems is greatest in the United States, and the scientific, technological, defense and political apparatus in the country are used for exploiting world nations...

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Obviously, throughout the world, there are nations which share these feelings with you more or less. Those nations who are well informed have the same feelings, unless they happen to be uninformed or totally immersed in vices and corruption. These feelings are common among many nations... "Now the question is why we are standing against oppressors. The answer is just too simple. if the oppression and the apparatus of power should happen to find a foothold in any nation they will look down on the interests of those nations. Such was the situation here before the triumph of the Islamic Revolution... "The next question is whether the Iranian nation has the capacity to do so or not. The answer is in the positive: The Iranian nation can stand against the international arrogance. Why? Because it has a lot of indigenous capacity. And the second reason is that our enemies are weak despite their show of power. Additionally, our country has large natural resources. Iran is among the nations with the highest level of natural resources. Our gas resources are the second in the world, our oil resources are among the highest in the region and still new oil resources are yet to be discovered. "Obviously, what is only too transparent to day is that the kind of democracy of which the American statesmen boast is nothing beyond mere mythical allegations. That is not real democracy, and as its proceeds it hits obstacles. That is it faces cases and instances of fraud and cheating for which there seems to be no solution. Obviously, they always whitewash their blunders and will suppress thee factual realities from being publicized... "The America government has done everything over the past few ears to boycott Iran, but this American device has long since lost its ability to impress anybody... "Another example is the Occupied Palestine. It is now 50 years that the United States has been squandering money in order to help the Zionist government survive. Today, those huge expenditures by the U.S. Government are hitting a big obstacle: That is the Palestinian Nation. The very same nation whose very existence the Americans have tried to deny... "Let me tell you that Muslim nations throughout the world are now anxiously watching what is happening in the occupied lands. The resolution of the OIC has very good rhetoric, but those rhetoric would have to be supported by action... "Finally, I would like to offer a few pieces of advice to our government administrators and to the people at large: If our nation should march ahead toward an ideal goal economically, political and intellectually it needs a quiet environment free from hectic conditions. Those who are impressed by foreign radio propaganda and who try to fan the fire of division in our country will not serve this ation. Those who try to level false accusations against the Islamic Republic by way of their criticism of the system will not serve the people or the youth of this country... "My last word with you would be to remind you that today there are foreign radios which seek to fan the fire of division in our country. Any person having listened to those radios knows exactly what the people behind those foreign broadcasts are doing. Therefore, I would advise Muslim and revolutionary brothers-in-faith to narrow the distance between themselves and to try to have amicable and sympathetic feelings toward each other, and to not engage in smear campaign against each other, and instead distance themselves from their common enemies...
:irna 14/11/2000 23:55

Leader: Iran has stood up to world arrogant powers (14.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 14, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamanei said in Arak, Central province on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic, with bright prospects on the horizon thanks to its reliance on the people, has stood against the arrogant powers in the world.

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Addressing a large public gathering, the Supreme Leader said the Iranian nation has no way but to resist the global arrogance in a bid to prevent the plundering of its resources. The Leader said the continued anti-Iran hostility of the power centers in the world, particularly the U.S., has taken shape because of Iran's resistance to the political, economic and cultural hegemony of the power centers. The Supreme Leader pointed to the political, social and ethical weaknesses of the U.S. administration especially in the course of the current presidential election and said the U.S. democracy is only a false publicity and fraud is synonymous with the election in the U.S. The democracy advocated by the U.S. is nothing more than an illusion, the Leader said. The Leader said the defying U.S. economic sanctions against the other nations by European and Asian countries is an indication of the weakness of the U.S. administration and escalation of Palestinian uprising against the Zionist regime despite the high cost the U.S. has paid to protect the Zionist regime and to uproot the Palestinian nation is another indication of the weakness the U.S. is suffering. The Palestinian nation has stood against the Zionist regime and takes action to deal with the brutal Israeli attacks and of course the Palestinian nation will not limit itself to stone throwing and will reciprocate the violent Israeli military action with military action to defend its own dignity and liberate their land, the Supreme Leader said. The Leader said the OIC Summit Declaration in Doha concerning Palestine is the outcome of the explicit stance adopted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and is acceptable adding that the Muslim and Arab states are required to translate their verbal support for Palestine into action. Referring to domestic issues, the Supreme Leader said the government has given preference to campaign against poverty, corruption and discrimination and called for serious actions to deal with the three problems. The Leader said the young generation is the great asset of the country and called on the respective officials to avoid magnifying possible mistakes of the youth and observe sincerity in their contacts with the youth. The Leader called on the youth to safeguard their faith and spirit for reconstruction of the country and develop their political insight. Ayatollah Khamenei expressed dismay at the performance of certain cultural officials and said those who misportray the political situation in the Iranian community with unfounded allegations against democracy in Iran are not serving the country and the people. The Leader paid tribute to the religious personalities born in the province including the Late Imam Khomeini and late Ayatollah Hayeri Yazdi who laid the foundation of the theological center in the holy city of Qom.
:irna 14/11/2000 19:02

Supreme leader arrives in Arak (14.11.2000)

Arak, Markazi (Central) Prov., Nov 14, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, arrived here Tuesday morning. The supreme leader was welcomed at the city's airport by his representative in this central province who is also Arak's Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Mohseni Garakani, the province's governor general, military and law enforcement forces (LEF) commanders and a number of provincial officials. Residents of this central province, in large numbers, accorded the supreme leader an enthusiastic welcome after he left the airport on his way to the city's main sports stadium where he is to deliver a speech. The leader arrived for a five-day inspection tour of the province. Crowds of people converged in and around the city's main sports stadium since early Tuesday. They come from all walks of life, from Arak or neighboring towns and villages, and have been arriving by foot or by car. Thirteen senior officials of the country, including a number of ministers, the heads of Iran's Physical Education Organization and Customs Administration, the CBI (Central Bank of Iran) governor and the head of the Presidential Office for Deprived Regions are accompanying the supreme leader in this trip.
:irna 14/11/2000 11:59

Arak residents preparing to enthusiastically welcome leader (14.11.2000)

Arak, Markazi (Central) Prov, Nov 14, IRNA -- Residents of this provincial capital city are all set to accord the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, an enthusiastic welcome when he arrives here Tuesday. The Supreme Leader is arriving for a five-day inspection tour of this central province. Crowds of people from all walks of life have been converging in and around the city's main sports stadium where the leader is scheduled to speak since early Tuesday. They come from all walks of life, from Arak or neighboring towns and villages, and have been arriving by foot or by car.
:irna 14/11/2000 10:09

Supreme Leader receives visitors on religious ccasion (12.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 12, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, met here Sunday people of different walks of life at his residence on the auspicious occasion of the birthday anniversary of the 12th (occult) Shi'ite imam, Hadhrat Mahdi (A.S.). He said that with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) in the future, the humanity would understand "real justice". The leader said that the Islamic Republic of Iran follows the path set by Imam Mahdi (A.S.), noting that all world Muslims try to follow the guidelines being followed in Iran. He said that Imam Mahdi (A.S.) will reappear when the mankind meet the conditions for the event. Ayatollah Khamenei said that the mankind should learn lessons from the 12th imam. "The mankind should believe that the humanity is moving toward reforms." Meanwhile, on the same occasion Ayatollah Khamenei granted pardon and commutation of sentence to 932 prisoners convicted at courts of common pleas or the Islamic Revolution Courts. On various national or religious occasions earlier on, the Leader has pardoned or commuted the sentences of hundreds of prisoners or convicts upon the proposal of the Head of the Judiciary.
:irna 12/11/2000 19:42

Ayatollah Khamenei pardons 932 prisoners (12.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 12, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Sunday granted pardon and commutement of sentence to 932 prisoners convicted at courts of common pleas or the Islamic Revolution Courts. His decision was at the instance of the Head of the Judiciary Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of the 12th. (occult) Imam Mahdi (A.S.) which is annually celebrated in Iran. Paragraph 119 of Iran's Constitution gives the leader the liberty to pardon prisoners and convicts under certain circumstances. On various national or religious occasions earlier on, the Leader has pardoned or commuted the sentences of hundreds of prisoners or convicts upon the proposal of the Head of the Judiciary. AK/HR End ::irna 12/11/2000 15:38

Leader calls for plans to present Imam Ali's lofty personality (8.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 8, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Wednesday stressed the need to draw up detailed plans to introduce all aspects of the lofty personality of Imam Ali (AS), the first Imam of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) household to people. Ayatollah Khamenei told officials and members of the headquarters for marking the Imam Ali (AS) Year, that humanity has always felt the need for knowing all aspects of Imam Ali's great personality.

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The Leader said that the majority of people are unable to understand the depth of Imam Ali's great personality and therefore every angle of Imam Ali's life should be studied and taken as a model. The Leader said Imam Ali's youth is characterized by many models and lessons, which if studied carefully and compiled according to the needs of the time, can set a good pattern for the youth to follow. Ayatollah Khamenei said all studies and reasearch on the scientific and artistic works concerning Imam Ali (AS) should excel from qualitative point of view.
:irna 08/11/2000 18:30

Leader urges removal of problems facing Sistan-Baluchestan Prov. (6.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 6, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Monday called on officials to step up efforts to meet the needs and remove the problems facing the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan. Ayatollah Khamenei told a number of Shiite and Sunni clerics, officials and tribal chieftains of Sistan-Baluchestan province that there were ample grounds for development activities in the province given the region's high natural resources and its talented and amicable people. The Leader said the enemy has failed to attain its sinister objectives in Sistan-Baluchestan thanks to the rule of Islamic tenets which invite Muslims to unity and solidarity and also due to vigilance of people as well as the Shiite and Sunni clerics.

061100a.gif (28066 Byte)

Today every tribe is proud of being Iranian and they have always shown that they are ready to defend Iran's interests, the Supreme Leader said. Ayatollah Khamenei said regional officials and people should remain alert and block the spread of insecurity and certain prejudiced attitudes into Iran. Today, Ayatollah Khamenei said, the government, President, Majlis and the Judiciary are all acting according to the Islamic principles which is a source of pride for the nation. Ayatollah Khamenei said that the Iranian government and nation consider it their religious duty to help the Palestinian people and to this end they will not spare any effort. BG/AH/RR End ::irna 06/11/2000 17:59

Leader congratulates paralympic athletes on success (2.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 2, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei praised the Iranian athletes for their outstanding success at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. The Grand Leader's message was in response to a letter by the Iranian disabled athletes participating in the Sydney Paralympics in which they offered felicitations to the Supreme Leader on the success of the Iranian athletes at the contest. "The glories that you war veterans and disabled created in the world have filled the hearts of the Iranian people with joy and happiness. I pray for your continued glories in sports in the same way you demonstrated during the years of epic and defense," the Leader's response read. Iranian paralympic team ranked 15th among teams from 123 countries competing in the 2000 Paralympic Games. In the games Iran bagged 12 gold, four silver, and seven bronze medals and the `championship' title in sitting volleyball for the fourth consecutive paralympics.
:irna 02/11/2000 12:24

Leader underlines sanctity of medical profession (1.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 1, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei received members of Iran's Medical Disciplinary Organization here Wednesday. In his address to the audience, the Leader of the Revolution expressed satisfaction with the performance of Medical Disciplinary Organization. Referring to the high status and dignity enjoyed by doctors in religion as well as among people, the Leader underlined the need to preserve the sanctity of this noble profession.

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It is very important for people to trust doctors, said the Leader adding that the Medical Disciplinary Organization should protect and support this sanctity and try to win the trust of both doctors and patients. Pointing to the progress made in medical science and production of medical equipment, the Leader said the Ministry of Health and the Medical Disciplinary Organization should pay due attention to the assignment of doctors to the deprived regions of the country. Prior to the Leader's speech, the head of organization, Dr. Sadr briefed Ayatollah Khamenei on the activities of the Medical Disciplinary Organization.
::irna 01/11/2000 17:21

Leader: Anti-U.S. event, celebration of freedom, national dignity (1.11.2000)

Tehran, Nov 1, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday the national day against global arrogance being celebrated in Iran on November 4 is the day on which the Iranian nation celebrates freedom, bravery and national dignity. In a meeting with a large gathering of the university and high school students and personnel of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), the Supreme Leader said the U.S. has made every endeavor to infiltrate into Iran and despite the support by sympathizers within the country for U.S. infiltration, the Iranian nation will close its ranks and strongly determine its prosperous goals.

011100b1.gif (27314 Byte)

The Leader said that any foreign infiltration into any country is detrimental not only to the national interests of that country but also its national dignity. The Supreme Leader said the U.S. is seizing every opportunity to infiltrate into Iran ranging from its regret over involvement in the 1953 military coup in Iran, passing anti-Iran legislations, supporting the most treacherous terrorist group (MKO), allocating budget to topple the Islamic Republic, conducting anti-Iran propaganda campaign because of Iran's objection to the Zionist regime' attempts to influence prominent personalities. Ayatollah Khamenei cited a verse from Holy Quran calling on the Muslims to stand strongly against the enemy and treat each other kindly and recommended that the political groups should reinforce their ranks to prevent any infiltration from the enemy and foster solidarity. Elsewhere in his address, the Leader castigated certain state apparatus for levelling accusations against each other and said, "The moral and political power of the Islamic Republic have become very clear in every Islamic and non-Islamic countries including Palestine and any individual who ignores it and wants to portray Iran in isolation is in fact toeing the line of the enemy. Referring to the differences of views between the political parties, the Leader said in every human community there is difference of views, but the differences should not undermine national unity. The Leader said the political parties in Iran have many common goals. He however deplored that a sense of division has come to light between political parties and advised them not to go too far in inflaming the discord because such an attitude would only serve the enemy. Ayatollah Khamenei said the young Iranian generation have set a pattern for the other Muslim nations thanks to their observance of the Islamic tenets and urged the government to carry out plans to provide the youth with employment. The Leader also renewed his earlier call on the government to combat poverty, discrimination and corruption.
::irna 01/11/2000 17:06

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