May 2000  
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Lebanese hezbollah deputies congratulate leader on south Lebanon freedom (30.5.2000)

Beirut, May 30, IRNA -- The representatives of the Lebanese hezbollah in Lebanon's parliament in a message to the leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday congratulated him on the recent liberation of Southern Lebanon from the zionist occupation. They noted in the message that this great victory has been brought about due to his guidelines and supports for the Lebanese islamic resistance members who, inspired by the late Imam Khomeini's high spirit and spiritual strength, succeeded in achievement of this great aim. The Hizbollah representatives also wished Ayatollah khamenei long blessed life and stressed their commitment to follow his wise guidelines in the way of genuine Islamic aspirations.
::irna 30/05/2000 01:21

Leader appoints Shahbazi head of military advisors body (29.5.2000)

Tehran, May 29, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a decree on Monday appointed Major General Ali Shahbazi chief of military advisors of the Armed Forces General Command. In his decree, Ayatollah Khamenei praised Major General Shahbazi, the former army commander, for the services and efforts rendered over the years in defending the honor and dignity of the Iranian Army. Following the resignation of Major General Shahbazi, the Supreme Leader appointed Major General Mohammad Salimi the new commander of the Iranian Army.
:irna 29/05/20

Leader Appoints Ex-majlis Speaker Member of Expediency Council (28.5.2000)

Tehran, May 28, IRNA -- The leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed-Ali Khamenei, here Sunday appointed ex-majlis Speaker Hojatoleslam Ali-Akbar Nateq Nouri his personal advisor and member of the National Expediency Council. In an official appointment, the Leader praised his services as Speaker of Iran's legislative assembly for two consecutive sessions, and hoped that the nation would continue to benefit from his services in his new post.
:irna 28/05/2000 21:23

Supreme Leader Congratulates Islamic Resistance on Lebanon Victory (25.5.2000)

Tehran, May 25, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Thursday congratulated the victory of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon over "the usurper Israeli enemy". In a message of congratulations to the Lebanese nation, government and Islamic Resistance, the Leader said: "This victory revealed that the solution to the bullying and atrocities of the usurper Zionists is only in the logic of resistance, Jihad and devotion." He said the Lebanese nation owes its victory to the brave resistance of the Hizbollah and Islamic Resistance forces and "this is a great and unprecedented phenomenon filled with lessons." "Today, the Arab and Muslim nations are witnessing, for the first time, the humiliating and helpless withdrawal of the usurper Zionists from a land they considered theirs for long years and rejected any negotiations in this respect," said the Leader in his message. "This great event is the origin of a memorable comparison between two types of behavior with the tough and bullying Zionist government and its unfair supporters: A behavior out of courage and justice seeking and based on the committed sacrifice of the youth, and another behavior out of submission and based on the decision of the oppressors.
"The victory of the Islamic Resistance and the honorable Hizbollah organization in Lebanon and the success they brought to their nation teaches everyone that straight path towards freedom and independence requires but brave and justice seeking behavior of the youth based on faith and awareness."
::irna 26/05/2000 00:20

Leader Confers Medals of Honor on Veteran Army, IRGC Commanders (22.5.2000)

Tehran, May 22, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Monday, conferred 'Nasr' first degree medal on a group of military and IRGC commanders during the scared defence years. The decoration ceremony was held on the occasion of May 22, marking the anniversary of the victorious `Beit-ul-Moqaddas' operations and liberation of Khorramshahr. Addressing the audience, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that praising the struggle and devotion of war veterans is a ``big duty'', adding that services of Muslim combatants serving both in the Army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Basij (volunteer forces), Law Enforcement Forces (LEF), as well as tribesmen is highly valuable and significant. Ayatollah Khamenei said the humanitarian aspects of the sacred defense should be commemorated for ever by military establishments and cultural centers. The officials concerned should not forget the ''invaluable'' services of Iranian combatants, bereaved families of martyrs and senior commanders during the war years, said the Leader, adding, ``I too bow to all these sincere services especially to those who attained martyrdom for this sacred cause.'' Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the newly appointed Commander of the Islamic Republic Army Major General Mohammad Salimi, who succeeded Major General Ali Shahbazi. ``The appointment of the Major General to the post of Army Commander provides new opportunity for doing big jobs in the fields of organizing, production and maintenance and for extensive cooperation between the Army and the IRGC,'' the Leader said. Hailing Major General Salimi as a ``pious and veteran army commander with good background,'' Ayatollah Khamenei praised the services rendered by Major General Shahbazi. The Army and IRGC should fully cooperate with each other and should appreciate the fact that valuable services have been rendered by IRGC figures in the Army and by Army figures in the IRGC, added the Leader. The Supreme Leader advised the IRGC and Army Commanders to prevent doing parallel and identical while cooperating with each other. Concluding his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei hailed the late Major General Qassem-Ali Zahirnejad for his role in forming the group of military advisors, Major General Firouzabadi for his fairness and impartiality within the Armed Forces Command Headquarters and Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, the Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics, for his endeavor and impartiality in the IRGC and Army.

At the ceremony, the newly appointed Army commander, was promoted to the rank of Major General by Ayatollah Khamenei. The commanders and figures receiving Nasr medals were:
1. Late Major General Qasemali Zahirnejad, ex-Commander of the Army Joint Chiefs of Staff during early years of the imposed war
2. Martyr General Sanikhani, ex-Commander of the IRGC's Transportation and Logistics Department
3. Martyr Razavi, ex-Commander of War Engineering Department at the Construction Jihad
4. Martyr Major General Namju, the representative of late Imam Khomeini to the Supreme Defense Council and ex-Minister of Defense
5. Martyr General Mohsen Safavi, ex-Commander of Engineering and Logistics Department of now-dissolved IRGC Ministry
6. Martyr Chitusi, Head of War Logistics Department at Construction Jihad
7. Martyr General Showkatpur, ex-Commander of Logistics Department of the IRGC's ground forces
8. Martyr Major General Amir Fallahi, ex-Commander of Army's ground forces and Deputy Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Army
9. Martyr General Asarinejad, ex-Commander of Logistics Department at IRGC's Najaf Base and Deputy Head of the the Logistics Department at Khatam Base
10. Martyr Hashem Sajedi, ex-Commander of War Logistics Base at Western Branch of Construction Jihad
11. Martyr Julaie, ex-Commander of 'Kowsar Serat' Engineering Base in the South affiliated to the IRGC Ministry
12. Major General Seyed Hassan Firouzabadi, Head of the Commission on Industrial Engineering and War Logistics
13. Brigadier General Salimi, Head of the late Imam Khomeini's Defense Affairs Consultation Bureau and Head of the Headquarters for Guerilla Warfare and ex-Minister of Defense.
14. Hojatoleslam Hassan Rowhani, Head of the Headquarters for War Logistics.
15. General Afshar, Head of the Central Headquarters of the IRGC during sacred defense era.
16. Mohsen Rafiqdoost, Head of the Procurement Department at the IRGC and Minister of the IRGC during the sacred defense era
17. Hojatoleslam Rahmani, Head of `Basij Mostazafeen' Department at the IRGC and of the Headquarters for Recruitment and Direction of Popular Aid
18. Brigadier General Jalali, ex-Minister of Defense
19. Foruzesh, Head of the War Logistic Department at Construction Jihad.
:irna 22/05/2000 18:39

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Leader of Islamic Revolution confers the medal on Major General Salimi, the Commander of the Islamic Republic Army. Leader of Islamic Revolution confers the medal on General Afshar.

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Leader of Islamic Revolution confers the medal on Hassan Rowhani. Leader of Islamic Revolution grants a medal to a bereaved wife of a martyr

Imam's Commemoration, Appreciation of Islam's Modern Thoughts (20.5.2000)

Tehran, May 20, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday honoring the memory of the Late Imam Khomeini is in fact appreciation of the thoughts of the Late Imam. Addressing members of the headquarters in charge of holding the ceremony to commemorate the Late Imam on June 3, the Supreme Leader said the late Imam dedicated his life to the cause of revival of Islam and the modern thoughts. ''As long as the modern thoughts of Islam prevail, the memory of the Late Imam Khomeini will live, because Islam's modern thoughts are synonymous with the name of the late Imam,'' the Leader said. The Supreme Leader said the enemies had conspired to strike a blow to the Islamic Republic of Iran last year, 10 years after the late Imam passed away, but, the last (Iranian) year was designated as the year of the Late Imam to neutralize the conspiracy. The Late Imam died in 1989. Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized the importance of activity of the Center for publishing the works of the Late Imam Khomeini and called on them to do the job intelligently to propagate the aspirations of Imam Khomeini. The Leader recommended that the Center should prevent any distortion of the thoughts of the Late Imam. Before the Leader's address, head of the Center for Publishing the Thoughts of the late Imam, Mohammad Ali Ansari said the principle of Velayat-e-Faqih (Guardianship of Supreme Jurisprudence) is the heritage of the late Imam Khomeini and that all those loyal to the Islamic Republic should reinforce unity under Velayat-e-Faqih.
:irna 20/05/2000 19:34

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Majlis Election Results for Tehran Constituency Upheld in Part (18.5.2000)

Tehran, May 18, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed-Ali Khamenei, on Thursday ordered the Guardians' Council to discontinue their scrutiny of ballots for Tehran Constituency, to declare as valid the polls count of boxes that were found intact, and to invalidate polls counts of boxes that the council considered invalid for any reason. Ayatollah Khamenei who was responding to an official query of the Guardians' Council on the interim findings of the Council in their scrutiny of ballots for Tehran Constituency, that also listed the type of irregularities in ballots and boxes, appreciated the efforts of the Council in their scrutiny of votes, but admitted that because the scrutiny of ballots in remaining boxes would take too long, and because there was not sufficient ground to dispute the validity of ballots in remaining boxes it would not be to the best national interest under the circumstances to continue with the time-consuming task of the scrutiny. The leader said candidates who had been elected on the basis of the council's scrutiny of ballots thus far must be recognized as being rue candidates for Tehran Constituency. Ayatolah Khamenei's official response to the Council's query is confirmation in part of the hitherto controversial polls counts for Tehran Constituency. He said in his letter to the GC Thursday that the Judiciary and Elections Inspectorate would have to identify and prosecute the persons suspected of negligence or of tampering with ballot boxes in the performance of their official duties.
:irna 18/05/2000 22:11

Leader Stresses Qualitative Promotion of Seminaries' Management (14.5.2000)

Tehran, May 14, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Sunday stressed the need for qualitative promotion of seminaries' management. According to the Public Relations Department of the Leader's Office, Ayatollah Khamenei told members of the Qom Seminary's High Council that seminaries should formulate a 10 year program to reach a desirable situation through collective expert work. The Leader cautioned the audience of engagement in executive affairs. Plans for the seminaries' effective contribution to every day issues is among duties of the High Council, the Leader added. Ayatollah Khamenei also stressed the need for coordination among policy making and administrative bodies of the Qom Seminary and for regular contacts between the High Council and prominent religious figures.
:irna 14/05/2000 19:57

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Leader Hails Instructors Forum As Deep Rooted, Valuable Center (14.5.2000)

Tehran, May 14, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatolla Ali Khamenei here Sunday referred to community of instructors as a `deep rooted and highly valuable' forum. Ayatollah Khamenei told members of the Society of Qom Seminary Instructors that seminaries should, through strengthening their scientific and social identity, act as an `active, jubilant, modern and progressive' center and upgrade the impressive role they play in the community . The Supreme Leader, referring to high potentials of Qom Seminary which reigns top in knowledgeable jurisprudents, philosophers and orators, called for plans to identify and attract young and committed forces to the seminaries. The move would help meet the need for manpower in various strata of the society and ensure the identity of the association of instructors given the sound relationship between young and dynamic instructors and other knowledgeable and prudent instructors of the community, the Leader said. Ayatollah Khamenei said that throughout history, the basic goal of seminaries had been to address the needs of the time and today too the historical move of the seminary should be continued and strengthened by relying on well-defined, justifiable and strong jurisprudence. The Leader said bonds with people is the key to spiritual survival and increased influence of the seminary. Prominent scholars at the seminaries, the association of instructors in particular, should, by taking interests into mind and avoiding factional challenges, have an expert, justifiable and logical presence on basic social scenes and the system, especially in the field of culture.
::irna 14/05/2000 19:46

Leader says he will not condone trample on religious elements (12.5.2000)

Tehran, May 12, IRNA -- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, said here today that as long as he continues as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic he would not allow any inroad by any group upon the religious and cultural elements of the Revolution and the Islamic statehood in Iran. He reminded that Islam is the principal ideological element of the Iranian Constitution, and that no one person is his authority at any future time would ever allow any political reformation involving a fading of the religious elements of the islamic republic, because the Constitution would not allow that. Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who was addressing thousands of worshipers at the Friday Congregational Prayers in his second sermon to them said the enemies of the Islamic Republic seemed to have infiltrated into different political and ideological sub-sectors in the iranian society and were trying to pit them in a war against each other with the idea of eventually omitting the religious element of the statehood in iran and to pave the way for their return to iran at the end of a violent confrontation between those groups. he said the foreign enemies of the islamic republic still cherished the wishful hope to find a firm foothold in Iran and do in the country what they did before the triumph of the islamic revolution in february 1979.
He warned all national ideological sub-groups to draw a line between themselves in their political campaigning for their own viewpoints and also draw another line between themselves and the foreign enemies of the Islamic Republic so that the enemies of the state would not be able to exploit any one group against the other to the destruction of the Islamic Revolution. Ayatollah khamenei said the Islamic Revolution was a whole religious entity with many ideological components which, he said, would tolerate any higher emphasis by any single ideological sub-sector on any of those components in preference to certain other components. He said there were personalities who put the heavier stress on reformation against others who showed more concern about safeguarding the religious elements of the revolution or still a third group who put the primary stress on national economy. He said basically, all those groups belonged in exactly the same political and ideological camp who should reasonably supplement rather than challenge each other. He warned that despite their ideological and political identity the enemies of the islamic republic had been instigating those groups into a climactic war to the detriment of the Revolution and the nation as a whole. The Leader of the lslamic Revolution said that special emphasis on and concern about any of the ideological components of the Revolution would be absolutely all right to the degree that it would not be to the prejudice of any other elements of the Revolution. He said the Iranian Nation had to fight off a psychological and cultural war by their enemies who intended to shatter the implicit trust of the people in their political and ideological system and also in the administrators of the Islamic State. He reminded that he had sensed the intentions of the enemies of the state and their scheme for launching a cultural inroad on the Islamic Republic and had warned the nation and officials of the impending peril many years ago.
The following is excerpts from the second sermon of The Leader of the Islamic Revolution to worshipers at Friday Congregational Prayers in Tehran.

"Some people tend to be more concerned about the 'independce' of the country from the claws of froeign economic powers. Some more about 'freedoms'. Some more about 'ethics and morals' all which are only natural and without a problem. The ideal situation would be one at which everyone was (equally) concerned about all those elements. But if one sub-sector of the society should be more concerend about 'values' they would complement those who put the emphasis on 'development'. Those who put the emphasis on 'development' complement those who put the emphasis on 'values'. Certainly, there will be differences, but that will not matter.
"Those who place the heavier emphasis on 'values' may tend to attack the people placing the heavier emphasis on 'development' as being inconsiderate of 'values'. The one who places the higher emphasis on 'reformation' may judge the other people as being indifferent about development and progress. Such things happen, but they will not be a problem. "All (ideological sub-sectors) must appreciate and accept each other. As long as everybody appreciates and abides by the fundamentals, that is the 'values' and marching on the path of those values the fact that some sectors are more concerned and interested about specific elements of those fundamentals will not pose a problem. That should not be cause for fighting. The borders that exist between such sectors of the society are not really crucially dividing frontiers. "They can coalesce into a single whole with an 'islamic' identity. They can function like the wings of a bird which will take it high if they function properly.
"Let those who are specially concerned about 'values' maintain their concern without being oblivious of 'reformation'. Let those who are specially concerned about 'development and reformation' maintain their concern while they are also considerte of 'values'. That situation will make it possible for the society to benefit from both camps. And both camps will act in the interest of the whole society. They will complement the Revolution and realize 'progress' in the framework of 'values'. "Obviously, the element that can direct due attention to all those components is what exists in the islamic sharia laws and in our consitution: That is a just, and present-day-oriented jurisprudent should exist in the society so that he will indicate the course and the path for progress with his index finger. Why must he be an 'Islamic Jurisprident'? Because he must be literate in islamic values. Some may be nice people without being familiar with religion and without being able to properly understand and interpret the dictates of the Holy Qoran and Sunna and religious concepts. They may make mistakes without any evil intentions on their part. Why should he be 'just' Because if he should happen to violate his duties what will have to be done will not have the protection of sanctions. If 'he' should be prompted by selfish love for power and status and pleasures there will be no guarantee for the ideological integrity of this system. So if 'he' should lose his justhood he will be automiatically dismissed. Why should he be intellectually present-day-oriented? Because if he should not be so he will not understand the world and he will be cheated. He must be intellectually present-day-oriented so that he will be able to identify the enemies, and to idenfity their tricks and devices, and so that he will be able to adopt every necessary measure in confrontation with those devices. "The ways and means to do that and the devices for doing that have been provided for in the Constitution. But, as I said earlier on there are various ideological camps in our society which do not seem to be tolerating each other as much as they should. If they should change their ways and put up with each other more than they do now, then the presence of two camps will be markedly beneficial rather than detrimetnal to the society. They can complement each other...
"The important thing is to think of perils and threats. Both sectors are threatened by perils. Those who tend to overlook the need for reformation, progress and development are threatened by the peril of retrogressive mentality. Those who place the emphasis on 'reformation and development' to the prejudice of 'values' are hreatened by the peril of aberration. Both camps must be watchful. Lest the first group will suffer from frozen minds, lest the second group will turn into a medium for the enemies of the Revolution. If both groups be watchful the society will be able to go ahead with the same unity and nobility that islam wishes it for the society. "So one threat to both camps is their own overlooking of things. but there is a more important threat: that of 'infiltration' by outsiders. It is likely that certain outsiders will infiltrate into both camps. Sometimes one single enemy infiltrates both opposing camps. For example, they pose as advocates of 'values' and challenge every form of 'reformation', and may even oppose the paths already taken. And on the other side of the extreme, there is the likelihood for some people to challenge the fundamental values, and islam as the fundamental thing, and the religiousness and social equity. they pursue the western style rule of capitalism , and challenge the proposition of fighting class distinction. They are opposed to the fundamentals and even to religion. This latter group may enter the scene and wish to be the (political) ringleaders... "If they infiltrate the economic sector of the society, that will certainly be a threat. But a more serious threat would be their infiltration into the cultural centers of the society; into the intellect and religious beliefs and convictions of the people. And they may generate the same wave that is prevailing in the western print and broadcast media... the capitalists wish to make their entry into our country and occupy cultural centers in our country, and they may wish to impose their persuasions on our people by cultural devices. "This is the thing the symptoms of which I observed here and there some years ago, and I gave warnings to the approval of some and the disapproval of others...
"If certain people disbelieving 'values' should shout for reformation' that means what they mean by 'reformation'. They mean the transformation of the islamic statehood to a lay statehood. The 'reformation' they have in mind means the omission of the adjective 'islamic', omission of the islamic fiqh...and we know who those people are. They were the elements who worked for the despotic rule in this country (of the pahlavi dynasty) for over 50 years. "Now what is the meaning of the slogans that are being shouted by those people? They mean that the islamic republic should amend its ways and let in the american lords so that the americans will again take control of our economy, and culture...
"There is another sector of people who were not really associated with the past regime, who do not antagonize Islam, but again who do not believe in the Islamic way of the administration of the affairs of the state; who do not believe in the islamic jurisprudence. They advocate western style statehood. "Some of this latter group of people managed to take control of the situation at the turn of the Revolution, and if Imam Khomeini had not stepped in to save this Revolution the same (laic) people would have smoothly returned this country into the bosom of America...
"Sometimes they even avow commitment to Islam, but despite their avowals they also occasionally voice their solidarity with another group of people who shout express slogans in their opposition to Islam. "At times they allege their commitments to Islam, but on other occasions they also shout secular slogans of antagonism with islam, slogans in support for laic statehood. Such group of people are a group that have infiltrated the genuine groups. They are not like members of the groups who are at once committed to 'values' and who advocate 'reformation.
"A few months months ago while at this same platform for congregational prayers I used the words 'friends' and 'non-friends' to the loud protest of some people... these last group are 'non-friends' of the Islamic Revolution, because they do not agree with the values of the Islamic Revolution... "But as long as I shoulder this responsibility and as long as I continue to breathe I will not allow those people to take the interests of this country into their hands. Nor will any other person shouldering this same responsibility at any future time. The divine hand that put the principle of 'the vilayat-e faqih' into our constitution did so with full knowledge of what it was doing... they oppose the principle that is express in our constitution. But let them know that as long as the principle of the 'vilayat faqih' is included in our constitution, and as long as the people believe in that principle the plots of our enemies will fall short of shattering that solid edifice...
"I now wish to have a word with all political sub-sectors and address myself to them: I call on you my dear brothers to redefine your ideological frontiers between each other. Let us draw a set of new borders and define them...The people at large are committed to Islam irrespective of which sub-sector should rise to power. The people select and send people to assemblies and to other floors so that they will be able to rid this nation from poverty, discrimination, injustice and other forms of afflictions. The people are committed to Islam. "Let the two political sub-sectors reduce he resolution of the borders that they have set between themselves and instead make more marked the frontiers that separates each of them with the enemies of the nation...
"The political camps must express their stand toward those who are opposed to the islamic republic, and also draw the line in their confrontation with the enemies of the system. We do not encourage them to fight each other, but we stress that our political camps should clearly delineate the territories that separate them from others...
"The fundamental theme of the campaign of our enemies with this nation is cultural. they want to make our people lose hope in the future of this country. They want to antagonize the people with the Revolution, with the statesmen, with the officials at the judiciary at the legislative branch. They want to pit the officials of the slamic republic against each other. such are the goals of our enemies. And that what was why I voiced my discontent with a sector of our print media earlier on... because they pictured a distorted view of the present day situation of the state and of its future... because some of them said that the administrators of the state were inefficient...
"I now wish to encourage the nation to maintain their faith in the values of the system... I believe that the bulk of the administrators of the state, the president, and the rest of our officials are able to convince the people that the future ahead of this nation is promising, and I feel confident that our enemies will not be able to check this nation on the path that they are treading.."
:irna 12/05/2000 20:23

Leader Addresses Teachers: Generation Gap Should Be Narrowed Down (4.5.00)

TEHRAN TIMES CITY DESK Thursday May 4, 2000
TEHRAN The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Wednesday urged officials to prevent the widening of gap among various groups in the society by preparing the ground for social justice. Ayatollah Khamenei, addressing teachers and workers on the week commemorating the status of teachers and workers, said that if the teachers' community is respected in a country it does not mean endearing a group of people, rather it is a tribute to science, progress and mankind. The nation, who does not appreciate science, education, the role of a teacher and importance of culture, will be vulnerable, despite making considerable progress in financial terms, IRNA quoted the Leader as saying. The Leader termed work as a value and a worship in the true sense of the word and said, The country owes its economic progress to endeavors and art of the hard working workers.'' In the absence of workers, efforts of economic planners and intellectuals would be futile, said the Leader, adding that the factor causing achievements in economics is worker and the nation at large is greatly indebted to them.
Highlighting brilliant role of teachers and workers both before and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, including the periods of the Iraqi imposed war (1980-88), economic blockade and reconstruction, the Leader stressed the need for the workers and teachers to remain vigilant against new conspiracies of the enemies of revolution and Islam. Certain centers have launched well-organized efforts under various pretexts so as to cripple the country's workers; they are not after the rights of workers, rather they are trying to render the efforts of the officials futile.'' Although there are some people who foolishly try to overlook the ominous hand of the enemy but the reality is that the enemy has, by launching commotion and political scandals and under pretext of supporting a class, tried to prevent Iran's progress,'' regretted the Leader. Ayatollah Khamenei said identification of enemy's purposeful intentions and vigilance are main conditions for aborting the plots of the Islamic system's ill-wishers. Addressing himself to the politicians, the paramount Leader said, Today your country is undergoing transition from a hard economic period to the era of people's enjoying relative welfare; but one of the vulnerability posed to country's development in the period is eruption of class rifts arising from wrong policies.
Authorities should be cautious because some are thinking only on their own pocket; if there is economic progress but no social justice, the progress will not benefit the oppressed; sound economic efforts and legal generation of wealth are fine but using illegal means and abusing public wealth are forbidden. The politicians should be after making life easier for the poor; social gaps should be narrowed; some wages and bonus are not at all justifiable; any person should have (wages and bonus) in accordance with value of the job he is doing,'' said the Leader. Prior to the Leader's remarks, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hossein Kamali and Minister of Education Hossein Mozaffar voiced readiness of the teachers and workers to safeguard values of Islamic Revolution and implement guidelines of the Leader.

leader: spiritual poverty in west cause of problems there (2.5.2000)

tehran, may 2, irna -- supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei said here on tuesday that spiritual poverty in the west is the base of the current problems faced by communities. addressing hundreds of highly talented students of quran, the leader said, ''we are trying, besides gaining full progress in the material, scientific and industrial fields, not to be plagued by spiritual and ethical problems of western communities. ''to move along this line and remove the country's backwardness, highly jubilant youth are required to pave the way through their efforts in light of the enlightening torch of the holy quran and to guide society towards high spiritual, scientific and material points through reliance on their high talents.'' the leader said that close bonds with quran will pave the ground for increased knowledge and insight of the young adults and the youth. ayatollah khamenei said, ''our goal is to ascend to summit of man's evolution and attain material and social progress through two material and spiritual wings and in the way to achieve the difficult but accessible goal the youth serve as main backbone of the society.'' the leader said prevalence of quranic wisdom in the society would remove any recession, rigidness, ethical indecencies, injustices and other problems from the society.
:irna 02/05/2000 19:02

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