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leader: hajj a proper chance to echo iran's will to follow islam (29.3.2000)

tehran, march 29, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei said here wednesday that the hajj is a suitable opportunity to reflect to the world the reality that the iranian nation is determined to follow islam as well as the doctrine and path of the late imam khomeini. ayatollah khamenei told his representative on hajj and head of iranian pilgrims, hojatoleslam mohammad mohammadi reyshahri and members of hajj high council that what should be reflected to the world is the identity and basic principles of islamic revolution and iranian nation's firm determination to implement islamic tenets.

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the leader said that currently giant news imperialism has set up hundreds of stations, spending billions of dollars under a concerted and well-organized plan to turn the world public opinion against the islamic revolution. the arrogant news systems claim in their propaganda that (iran's islamic) revolution has become regretful of its past and tries to reform itself, said the leader, adding that the goal behind such insinuations is to create anxieties, stress and pessimism among millions of muslims around the world, who have pinned hope on the islamic revolution. therefore, said ayatollah khamenei, hajj officials should in their words and deeds show that islamic iran is by and large determined to continue in the path of the islamic revolution. in that way, the leader added, one can thwart attempts of the giant arrogant news imperialism, aimed at creating pessimism and dismay among those interested in the late imam khomeini and islamic revolution. ayatollah khamenei further called on the officials in charge of hajj to draw up a suitable model of the executive affairs of hajj in line with the principles of the islamic system, people's everyday life, social realities and islamic government.
:irna 29/03/2000 18:54

leader: albright's remarks deceitful, belated confessions (25.3.2000)

tehran, march 25, irna -- supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei in mashhad (khorasan) on saturday called the u.s. secretary of state madeleine albright's remarks in washington on march 17 as ''deceitful and belated confessions.'' ayatollah khamenei made the remark in an address to large group of pilgrims to the holy shrine of hazrat imam reza (as), the eighth imam of prophet mohammad's (pbuh) infallible household, on the occasion of 'eid-e ghadir' (the feast of the first imam of prophet mohammad's (pbuh) infallible household, hazrat ali(s)' proclamation as leader of the muslim ummah). ayatollah khamenei said that after a lapse of about half a century, americans admitted to the 1953 coup plot and their support for the dictatorial and suppressive regime of pahlavi and also for the iraqi regime in its war against iran, while such ''very late confessions'' are of no use to the iranian nation at present. the leader touched on the treacheries of the former pahlavi regime as well as iran's financial and human losses during the eight-year imposed war (1980-88) and said the americans are under the delusion that through such confessions, which were not even accompanied by any apology, the iranian nation would forget the u.s. treacheries, hostilities and violation of their rights. the biggest fault with the u.s. is that it practices bullying on all occasions, said the leader, which is the case in its recent remarks and confessions. ayatollah khamenei pointed to 20 years of iranian nation's steadfastness in the path of islamic belief and dignity, despite ceaseless enmities of the u.s. the leader said the u.s. and any other superpower can not do a damn thing before such a brave nation. referring to albright's remark in describing the rein of pahlavi dynasty as an era of iran's economic growth, the leader said the period was featured by plunder of iran's resources and removal of country's agriculture, industry and economic foundations. the iran-u.s. relations are far from the mere issue of trust or lack of confidence between the two countries, said the supreme leader,stressing that "iranian nation and officials consider the u.s. as their enemy because iran's history is fraught with animosities and treacheries by the u.s., to some of which u.s. has admitted and would admit to the rest in future." the issue of talks with iran put forward by u.s. is ''deceitful'' and is a bid to set stage for more enmities and to regain its former interests in iran, said the leader. the leader said that the iranian nation, relying on its bravery and innate powers as well as officials' good policies will discourage all enemies, especially the u.s., from practicing enmity with it.
elsewhere in his remarks, ayatollah khamenei warned against efforts of the arrogance to divide shiites and sunnis so as to separate iran from the collection of muslim countries and prevent muslim nations from modelling themselves on iran's islamic system. today, all are duty bound to confront plots of arrogance and establish unity and solidarity between shiites and sunnis, said the leader, adding that any person striving for forging stronger bonds between shiites and sunnis, acts in favor of revolution, islam and goals of the islamic ummah. the supreme leader said national unity in iran paves the ground for the realization of the slogan of unity among muslim nations. ayatollah khamenei referred to certain people's efforts to harm national unity through political slogans and said damaging public unity and dividing public ranks would serve enemies. the leader cautioned those whose speeches are influential among people including the clergymen and politicians, not to raise a word that would make a group of people pessimistic about the other group. hatching conspiracies and making people pessimistic towards each other and towards officials are among goals of enemies and their propaganda systems, said the leader. certain people inside the country are after spreading rumors, forging news and insinuating lies into addressees, following erruption of an event, in defiance of the fact that such measures would slow down pace of progress in the country and create hesitation and pessimism among people and officials, noted the leader. ayatollah khamenei said, ''protection of national unity is among our main requests from officials, who have close relations with public opinion, because all aspirations of a nation would be realized in the light of national unity.'' the leader said national unity is an issue that covers domestic and foreign security. the leader then touched on numerous cases of threat to national security and said among threats to national security are insecurities caused by thefts or notorious people. in such cases, the disciplinary and judiciary systems should act strongly and follow divine rules in dealing with robbers and notorious individuals irrespective of ballyhoos, he said.
ayatollah khamenei said economic security is among other cases of threat to security. economic insecurity is caused by those who try to use public and government facilities for their own ends with the aid of legal loopholes, said the ayatollah, adding that a reason for the economic ailments is these legal loopholes benefitted by abusers. threat to social security is a major case of domestic insecurity, and the one, which prepares the ground for national insecurity, said the leader.
referring to enemy's efforts to fan social insecurity in the country, especially to recent statements of american officials on insecurity in iran, ayatollah khamenei stressed that enemy has tried times and again to create insecurity in various places, including at the working and academic centers so as to prevent constructive and jubilant activities but it has not yet been successful. in recent case too, students thwarted enemy's conspiracy to create insecurity in university, added ayatollah khamenei.  the leader cautioned people from various walks of life as well as officials against enemy's plan to create insecurity. if some people are trying to create insecurity in the country, definitely, people, the youth, the security and disciplinary forces and basij (volunteers) would not remain silent, said the supreme leader. ''protection of security and checking any insecurity are the most important requests of people from the government and my most urgent demand from related organs,'' the leader stressed.
ayatollah khamenei congratulated the world muslims and iranian nation on the auspicious occasion of eid-e ghadir and said the event marks the day of 'velayat' (guardianship of supreme jurisprudent) and is an islamic issue. the act of the holy prophet of islam hazrat mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) on the day in raising issue of velayat and proclaiming hazrat ali (as) as leader of muslim ummah means existence of ` political system in islam, namely 'velayat', the leader said. ayatollah khamenei hailed the system run by a supreme jurisprudent as more democratic than other democratic systems worldwide. the enemy has always been trying to distort the meaning of an islamic government run by supreme jurisprudent and portray the system as a government wherein people are in need of a caretaker, he said, adding that such a portray is undoubtedly a blatant lie and a foundless charge levelled against islam and velayat. ayatollah khamenei said the issue of 'ghadir' is concerning all muslims since it prepares the ground for unity among them. if the world muslims raise the issue of islamic guardianship, many problems and calamities of islamic countries will be resolved, remarked ayatollah khamenei.
:irna 25/03/2000 18:55
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imam reza shrine washed with rose water in presence of leader (21.3.2000)

tehran, march 21, irna -- leader of the the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei participated in a ceremony to clean up the holy shrine of imam reza (as), the eighth imam of the infallible household of the holy prophet of islam. verses from the holy qur'an were recited during the ceremony, as the shrine was washed with pure rose water. the ceremony was also attended by hojatoleslam abbas vaez tabasi, the superintendent of the holy shrine and the representative of the supreme leader in khorassan province, hojatoleslam hashemi shahrudi, mohammad emami kashani and rasuli mahallati. the leader, wearing a white robe, performed prayers after the ceremony and prayed to god almighty for dignity of islam and muslims, victory of the iranian nation and defeat of big powers' conspiracies against land of islamic nation. the holy shrine of imam reza (as) is situated in mashhad, capital of the northeastern province of khorassan.
:irna 21/03/2000 11:51

leader urges president to speed up inquiry into recent terrorist act (20.3.2000)

tehran, march 20, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei urged president mohammad khatami to speed up inquiry into the case of the chain-murders in tehran last year and the latest assassination bid against member of tehran city council saeed hajjarian. in a letter to the president khatami, the leader expressed concern about the prospect of national security and called for serious investigation of serial murders case as well as recent terrorist act. ayatollah khamenei said in the letter that last week's assassination bid and certain peripheral issues had made him worry about future of national security. the supreme leader told the president to instruct the authoritative organs such as ministries of information and the interior as well as national security council to expedite efforts with more seriousness to follow up the case and bring those involved to justice. ayatollah khamenei said the issue is likely to turn into an ambiguous and scandalous issue like the case of chain murders. in the case of (chain) murders, although his excellency commissioned delegations one after the other to follow up the case but failure to close the case led to rumors and created atmosphere of suspicion and ambiguity, regretted the leader. ayatollah khamenei said that in that (chain murders') case, unfortunately, certain tongues and pens are seriously busy spreading rumors and escalating tension. they are not confined to the extent alone but besides naming persons and individuals, they targeted even authoritative and reliable organs, even the islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) and basij (volunteer forces), which are the most reliable bastions of national security, with false accusations. the leader questioned, ''under such a tumultuous atmosphere, how the judicial and security organs can carry out their responsibilities with care and tranquil mood?'' such ballyhoos have resulted in criminals' occultation from the law with peace of mind, ayatollah khamenei added. ayatollah khamenei said that he was not optimistic about the statements of those provoking such an atmosphere. ''you had better commission officials to reach convincing result on case of the event (the attempted assassination) in a definite time; in that case my anxiety and concern would subside,'' the leader said.
:irna 20/03/2000 11:32

leader offers his best wishes to iranian nation on new year (20.3.2000)

tehran, march 20, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei offered his felicitations to the iranian nation, the iranian nationals living abroad and all the persian speaking nations on the advent of the iranian new year, 1379. the leader also congratulated the muslim nations on the two religious festivities of 'eid al-ghadir' (the day on which prophet mohammad (pbuh) introduced imam ali (as) as his successor) and 'eid al-adha' (the feast of sacrifice), which have fallen this year almost coincidentally with new year celebrations. the paramount leader paid tribute to those, who sacrificed themselves for the glory of the country and the iranian nation, and to the families of the martyrs by wishing a prosperous new year for the iranian nation. ayatollah khamenei said, "the year we left behind had both sweet and bitter events. the sweet and bitter events should serve as lesson for us in taking great strides for the country's spiritual and financial elevation." ayatollah khamenei said that last year was named after the the late imam khomeini. his (the late imam's) memory was alive in the four corners of the country and in the mind and life of people, the leader pointed out. ayatollah khamenei said the public presence on social scenes, including their massive turnout in the sixth parliamentary election on february 18 brought honor for the iranian nation and the islamic republic of iran. the leader said that since the beginning of last year, the iranian people in any part of the country made their presence felt on the scene at any time they deemed necessary, including qods day, bahman 22nd, especially july 14 rallies (a public denunciation of a series of violent acts which followed the tehran university dormitory event). there were, however, bitter events too, resulting from the country's weaknesses and the conspiracies of enemies, said the paramount leader, adding that last year was the year that all witnessed plots of enemies as well as threat to national security, masterminded by the enemies. the leader said the iranian people faced big troubles concerning their economic issue and every day life and the efforts made in this respect did not go far enough and did not meet people's expectations.
ayatollah khamenei named the new year as the year of "imam ali (as), the first imam of prophet mohammad's (peace be upon him) infallible household due to the fact that eid-e ghadir occurs twice in the year 1379, (once on march 25, 2000 and another on march 15, 2001). imam ali (as) sets a good model for all; his glorious services when he was young are models for the youth; his government in terms of administering justice and honoring rights is a model for the statesmen; his life characterized by struggles and commitment is a
model for all the faithful; his freedom loving nature is a model for all freedom lovers worldwide; his lectures and addresses are a model for ulema, scholars and intellectuals, said the supreme leader. the supreme leader said "imam ali was resolute in advocating justice and rights of the weak and the poor but as for his own rights, imam ali was generous. we too should be so." the leader said, "getting closer to imam ali will help us meet the expectations of the iranian nation and the islamic republic which is to bring about social justice." ayatollah khamenei called on all iranian statesmen and the people to help administer social justice, that is the great wish of all justice seekers, all strugglers, martyrs and all brave men in the history. the leader said the slogan in the new year will be "national
unity" and "national security", adding that "these two are two fundamental slogans for us." ayatollah khamenei said ''national unity'' is the backbone for efforts of all statesmen, officials, strugglers and those sympathetic to the islamic republic. without national unity the country would lose its power and source of glory, the leader said. the paramount leader said there are some people who try to harm the unity, and surely they are not friends of this nation. ayatollah khamenei said national unity is the basic and fundamental slogan for the country, it concerns no special people but the entirety of the people, especially the officials who shoulder more responsibilities, the policy makers and those present and active on the scene of politics. national unity is a great slogan for all the nation. the other (slogan) is "national security", the leader pointed out adding that in absence of security there will be no economy, no effort for construction and honor. the leader of the islamic revolution said insecurity is the biggest danger threatening a nation. consider some other nations, see which problems have been created for them as a result of insecurity. "a look at the national security over the past years and the good opportunities it had put at the iranian nation's disposal would reveal the importance of such a security for the country and people," the leader said. the leader expressed hope that all officials, people from various walks of life, all personalities having influence on the public's opinion and their guidance would observe the two slogans of "national security" and "national unity" and would take action for the two
slogans. the leader offered his greetings to each and every individual of the iranian nation and expressed hope that god almighty will help the iranian nation continue treading the path of glory brought about thanks to the faith, campaign, blood of martyrs and the late imam khomeini.
:irna 20/03/2000 11:20

imam's son-anniversary (17.3.2000)

tehran, march 17 -- the fifth anniversary of the demise of hojatoleslam ahmad khomeini, the son of the father of islamic revolution and founder of the islamic republic the late imam khomeini, was held here on thursday. supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei, president mohammad khatami, judiciary chief mahmoud hashemi shahroudi and expediency council (ec) chairman akbar hashemi rafsanjani as well as hojatoleslam hassan khomeini, the son of the late hojatoleslam ahmad khomeini and bereaved family of the late imam khomeini were present at the ceremony.

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the state and military officials and people from various walks of life were also among the audience. photo shows a view of the ceremony, attended by supreme leader ayatollah khamenei, president khatami, hashemi shahroudi and hashemi rafsanjani.
:irna 21/03/2000 11:33

supreme leader's message on attempt against hajjarian (15.3.2000)

tehran, march 15, irna -- supreme leader ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on wednesday evening issued a statement on the recent assassination bid against saeed hajjarian, deputy head of the tehran city council. the statement said: "the dastardly assassination attempt against the deputy head of the tehran city council a few days ago was a part of a dangerous plot which might endanger the interests of the country, the people and the islamic system. "creating tensions and an atmosphere of terror in the society is among the major aims pursued by the plotters and the enemies of the islamic iran. in fact, the recent terrorist attack on hajjarian which took place a short while after the key parliamentary polls and on the eve of iran's new year is in line with the satanic objectives followed by the enemies.
"i call upon all the competent agencies to investigate the case of this organized conspiracy which targets the national stability and the system." the greatest service rendered to criminals and enemies is to instigate the public opinion and to trouble the national security and create an atmosphere of suspicion, misgivings and disturbance to make it difficult for the law enforcement officers to follow up the case instead of identifying the plotters, the message said. "the mortar attack on some residential blocks in northern tehran which occurred simultaneously with the assassination bid on hajjarian should serve as a notice to the alert public that the enemy is seeking nothing but to disturb the national security of iran," the message read. those who instigate the public opinion and target the political camps and, by doing so, create an atmosphere of anxiety and terror in the society are, consciously or unconsciously, helping the enemies. " deeply concerned with the attempt on the deputy head of the tehran city council, i express sympathy with hajjarian's distinguished and devoted family and stress that the security and law enforcement agencies should take urgent and rapid measures to apprehend the agents behind the crime and restore calm to the presently tense atmosphere which is favorable for the foreign enemies and is as detrimental as the poison to the national security," the message said

leader: u.s. better stop thinking of iran returning to its fold arafat desert (15.3.2000)

mecca, march 15, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei wednesday termed as a "malicious lie" propaganda tricks of "the arrogant world power" to show that the iranian nation and the islamic government have given up their desired goals. in a message to the hajj pilgrims on the occasion of the `deliverance from pagans' ceremony, the leader said: "this is a malicious lie to disappoint all those who cherish islamic sovereignty all over the world, as well as to weaken the determination of our young generation in iran." the message was read at the ceremony by the leader's representative and head of the iranian hajj pilgrims hojatoleslam mohammad mohammadi rey-shahri.
pointing to the february nationwide parliamentary elections in iran, the message said, "while admitting democracy in iran, they are not yet ready to acknowledge the popular participation of iranian masses throughout the existence of the islamic republic in iran." "they are hoping, in vain, that opponents of the islamic sovereignty and supporters of restoring domination of iran to arrogant powers would take control of power," the leader stressed in his message. "the united states of america should better stop thinking that iran would return to its fold of domination, that desire of muslim people for lofty causes and sovereignty of islam could be subdued in islamic countries, that palestine would be left to the racist and blood-shedding zionists, who could easily get away with it, and that they could decrease the wave of hatred spreading against them fast throughout the islamic world," the message further added. it said if this point could be recognized by all the islamic states, then the dignity of islam would become manifested throughout the islamic world, and the hajj congregation will become a genuine, permanent source of power for islam, and natural resources of the muslim world would serve the muslim nation, and the rich, life-inspiring islamic culture would have the opportunity to bless the mankind.
pointing to the various overt and covert hostilities against the islamic republic of iran in the past 21 years, the message said the mass media empire of arrogant world powers waged a continuous propaganda war against the country with a view to mobilize the world public opinion against the islamic government. "using vast resources of zionist capitalists, the foreign policy apparatus of the united states and its security system did their utmost in imposing economic sanctions and confronting the foreign policy of the islamic republic of iran in each and every field. all over the world, scores of terrorist grouplets and clusters of political mercenaries, composed of traitors and aided by large amounts of funds and premises of enemies, tried to overthrow the islamic system," the message further remarked. although the enemies, led by the u.s. and zionism, have not left a single stone unturned to confront the islamic republic, the country has fully utilized every chance and opportunity to grow and move towards stability and perfection. "it is obvious that if we, the responsible officials of the islamic republic, had not shown weaknesses and if we had not committed justified or unjustified omissions, today the islamic republic would have been much close in attaining its goals and objectives under the guidance of lofty, divine islamic principles and teachings," read the message in part.
turning to the "hurricanes of hostility" launched by the malicious centers of arrogance and anti-islamic powers against the islamic revolution, the message reiterated that the long awaited phenomenon faced hostile and hastened enmity from all arrogant world powers because it was the first example in the contemporary world and could turn into an ideal model for other countries thus jeopardizing the interests of the united states, the zionists and other world devouring powers.
"instigating ethnic and communal conflicts inside the country was the first step which was followed by activating mercenaries of the ex-regime, preparing military coups, and finally persuading a neighboring country to launch a devastating massive attack along the 1300-km-long border," it said. stressing that each of these acts was sufficient to overthrow a national government, the message pointed out that, however, the islamic republic of iran was not merely a national government but in fact a foundation laid upon the basis of the peoples' faith and deep beliefs.
"the war imposed by the treacherous neighbor (iraq) lasted eight years and even though america's efforts succeeded in creating distrust and suspicion against us among some of our neighboring countries, who provided unlimited assistance to the enemy, at last the aggressor retreated while it was exhausted, poor and defeated," the leader said in message.
underlining the significance of the ka'bah for the muslim world, the message said today the ka'bah is the spiritual center of the muslim world and the house for the greatest annual congregation of the muslim ummah. however, it expressed regret that the muslim ummah is not taking advantage of this bountiful source and said: "today, the muslim world is being deeply afflicted by chronic illnesses such as political and religious strife, weakening of bonds of morality and faith, political and economic dependence, isolating religion and separating it from
politics and daily life, surrendering before the imposed western cultural onslaught and the muslim dignity being trampled due to degradation and greed of some political leaders. "these chronic illnesses - some of which are caused by others and all of them have been created in the course of time through treason, lack of will, ignorance and dictatorship of internal elements or out of enmity, cruelty and satanic acts of foreigners - have inflicted the greatest blows upon the muslim ummah. failures in the muslim world result from those problems and the only way to achieve happiness and success is to overcome these obstacles," stressed the leader. "today", the message further added, "the natural wealth of the muslim world is being plundered. the precious intellectual and cultural resources are internationally covered under safe cultural propaganda attacks, and young talents and minds are taken out, or their energy is wasted in political and military conflicts."
carelessness and moral degradation are being injected into the life, education and sport activities of the youth, using the most advanced means of communication, read the message, adding "the oil of the muslim world is increasing the wealth of oil companies and treasuries of alien countries, hence the enemies of islamic countries, rather than the countries themselves, are getting wealthier each and every day."
the message stressed that "all this is happening while the heart of the muslim world in various parts of asia, africa and europe, millions of muslims are facing the lashes of cruelty of infidels, and palestine and lebanon are being burnt in the fire of zionists' brutality. and none of these sufferings and hardships induces statesmen and intellectuals of the muslim ummah to work out a solution." it said obstacles burdening the islamic world will be removed if muslims understand the great power of hajj and take the best advantage of this important annual meeting and the center of congregation.
"the hajj occasion can clearly demonstrate the glory and spiritual strength of the muslim world to pilgrims from different countries and can provide a unique opportunity for the meaningful cooperation among various muslim nations," it further added. pointing to the fact that during the hajj season muslims can obtain accurate news from each other and put away the hostile propaganda cover created by enemies of the muslim world, the message said: "they can also make use of the spirituality of the sanctified house of allah to produce concerted and sincere efforts to return to islamic sovereignty and achieve dignity and independence and make efforts to bring about major developments in their countries." it said establishing islamic sovereignty in islamic countries is an auspicious but difficult task, however, it added, the next stage is to take care of this newly established islamic state and to safeguard and nurture it materially and spiritually, "a task which is difficult and requires a more persistent effort." In conclusion the leader called on all pilgrims to pray for the salvation of muslims in the world and for the "divine help to the combatant nation of iran."
the message also called on the iranian hajj pilgrims to make endeavors to attain spiritual bounties, to show self-restraint and unity, to participate in congregations, and to strive for spiritual and moral achievements.
:irna 15/03/2000 13:09
text of complete message

leader calls for intensive relief for the poor (4.3.2000)

tehran, march 4, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei saturday called on the late imam khomeini relief committee to intensify efforts to help the poor. in a meeting with the officials of imam khomeini relief committee, the supreme leader called on the volunteers working with the charity organization to provide the poor with financial assistance to help them cope with their day-to-day life. the leader said providing the poor with financial requirement help boost their faith.  citing the example of imam ali who distributed food among the poor elderly and the families without wage-earners, the leader said the pattern set by the first imam (of prophet mohammad (pbuh) infallible household) succeeded in attracting the christians, jews or even the secular people to islam. the leader called on the relief workers to exercise piety in offering services to the poor and follow the example set by imam ali (a.s.).

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before the leader's guidelines, the representative of the leader to the relief committee, habibollah asgarowladi presented a report on the committee's performance.
:irna 04/03/2000 18:08

leader honors memory of martyrs in impromptu visit (2.3.2000)

tehran, march. 02, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution of iran, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here thursday made an unscheduled visit to the commemoration ceremonies held for the martyrs of iraqi imposed war. the ceremonies were held for the martyrs of mohammad rasullolah (pbuh) 27th army, khibar, and badr operations. the leader of the islamic revolution also visited the tombs of the martyrs of the party of islamic republic central office: shahid (martyr) beheshti, bahonar, and other martyrs.
:irna 02/03/2000 23:51

people's enthusiastic turnout in election show of loyalty to islamic republic (1.3.2000)

tehran, march 1, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said on wednesday the people who made an enthusiastic turnout in the nationwide parliamentary elections have indicated their loyalty to the islamic republic of iran. in a meeting with a group of people from different walks of life, the supreme leader said the large turnout in the (february 18) election made the friends happy and embarrassed the enemies of the islamic republic. ayatollah khamenei made it clear that the iranian nation showed its determination on february 18 that they are loyal to the islamic system, the constitution of the islamic republic and the islamic values envisaged in the constitution and that they honor bloods of the martyrs. the leader said all the people who went to the polling stations and cast their ballots and all those who made preparations to hold the election would be awarded by god almighty. the supreme leader said holding election in iran with security was a blessing from god and a thorn in the eye of the enemies, adding that the enemies and the global arrogance have attempted to stir unrest in the country. to this end, the leader said, the statement made by a u.s. military official indicated their plan to make iran insecure and for this reason all people and officials should exercise vigilance.

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"the enemies should know that the iranian nation and officials will not tolerate escalation of tension or crisis and the islamic republic will strongly restore law and order," the leader said. the leader called on the government to take practical steps to tackle the everyday life problems of the people. ayatollah khamenei recommended the officials to give up the political arguments and go ahead with the fundamental work to remove the people's difficulties especially their economic woes. the leader said the enemies are working to misuse the election results to sow discord, but, the officials are required to offer adequate guidance to the people and exercise unity as the nation did in the election. "if the officials work to solve the problems free from hue and cry, the country and the nation will benefit from its satisfactory results," the leader said.  "each and every iranian individual especially the youth is committed to islam. the former regime had worked for 50 years to turn iran into a secular country, but the people hoisted the flag of islam in iran under command of islam and a religious leader," ayatollah khamenei said. the leader warned the government officials and the mps-elect not to misunderstand the aspirations of the nation under influence of external propaganda campaign. if any one speaks contrary to the wishes of the people, he or she will be isolated, the leader said in conclusion.
:irna 01/03/2000 16:27

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