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leader: spirit of devotion should be kept alive in society (29.1.2000)

tehran, jan. 29, irna -- the leader of islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei here on saturday stressed the need to respect the bereaved families of martyrs and keep alive the spirit and culture of devotion and martyrdom in society. addressing officials and directors general of the martyrs foundation of the islamic republic (mfir), the leader said paying tribute to the families of martyrs, whose beloved ones have sacrificed their lives for the survival of the islamic system, means appreciating the great job they have done. if a nation does not appreciate and exalt the culture of self-sacrifice and devotion, it will miss the chance of leading a decent life free from humiliation, the leader said. calling as ''important'' the mfir's task, the leader said the foundation's success in fulfilling its duty in the best possible manner will elevate the majesty and dignity of the islamic system. prior to the leader's remarks, the audience perfrormed their noon and afternoon prayers under leadership of ayatollah ali khamenei.
:irna 29/01/2000 16:13

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leader calls for youth's active participation in ten-day dawn celebrations (26.1.2000)

tehran, jan. 26, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution,
ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on wednesday called on the youth and the young adults to actively take part in the celebrations marking the anniversary of the islamic revolution february 1-11.
in a meeting with the secretary and members of the islamic propagation coordination council, the leader said the ten-day dawn is the days of revival of the iranian nation and guidance of the nation toward the justice and righteousness. the leader recommended the officials to explain to the young generation the events taking place during the days leading to the victory of the islamic revolution (in 1979). the ten days between departure of the deposed shah and arrival home of the late imam khomeini is celebrated in iran every year as the ten-day dawn. the islamic revolution reached its culmination on february 11, 1979.
:irna 26/01/2000 16:14

global power centers aim at cultural domination, leader (26.1.2000)

tehran, jan. 26, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei here wednesday said today the most important task being discussed at centers of political power in the world is to impose an eventual cultural domination. speaking to the members of the board of congress on imam khomeini and islamic administration thought, the leader said, "of course, culture may not be the main target but what secures real and guaranteed power for global power centers in the long run is cultural domination." among cultural issues, the leader further stated, political culture is of prime importance and for this reason great importance is attached to promulgation of liberalism and western-style democracy. stressing that sound and dynamic thoughts should be at work constantly for the perfection of the islamic state, ayatollah khamenei said that such efforts should be made in the absence of the least damage to the pillars of the system and without negating its principles. "this requires innovation," the leader further remarked adding, "in this innovation the alien culture - the same culture seeking domination - should play no suggestive role."
today, sums are being spent for globalization of western culture and fabrications, propagation, films and various other fake means are magnified and employed in order to absorb thoughts. "we should be careful not to be influenced by such insinuations," stressed the leader.
ayatollah khamenei noted that samples of western culture, democracy and liberalism should not find way into elucidation of principles of the islamic system. because, the leader stated, there might be similar points in the nature of velayat-e faqih which should be discovered and searched for without anything being imposed or suggested from the outside. today, the islamic republic of iran is standing against the most powerful material power in the world, said the leader, adding that of course it is not seeking war or opposition but relying on its point of strength, namely faith, belief and people's cooperation with the state "although enemies wish to see us relying on the point of weakness, that is materialism and arms."
the leader stressed that iran's reliance on its point of strength can set a pattern for other nations which will see the path, some of whom may dare to tread it while some others may not but what is important is that a path has been drawn. however, the leader of the revolution remarked, given historical and international expectations in future, the islamic revolution and republic have grave tasks ahead, reminding the audience of the responsibility they shoulder in this connection. he also called on the members of the board to rely on the holy book, sound islamic tradition and thought and independent mind and not get involved in minor material, political and trivial issues.
:irna 26/01/2000 15:06

leader-martyrs-funeral (17.1.2000)

tehran, jan. 17, irna -- the supreme leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei, senior officials of the country and thousands of residents of tehran attended here on monday morning a funeral procession held for 114 martyrs of the imposed war (1980-1988) in front of the majlis building.

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leader calls on gov't to meet students' material, moral needs (12.1.2000)

tehran, jan. 12, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on wednesday called on the government to provide university students with their material and moral needs. in a meeting with chancellors of universities and officials of the ministry of culture and higher education, the supreme leader said, "the universities and other higher education centers have developed in the islamic iran today thanks to the high talents of iranian children and the blessings of the islamic revolution." the government is required to seriously help the universities in a bid to remove their financial difficulties and pave the way for their scientific progress and development, the leader said. the leader recommended that the young generation in the universities should be offered with moral support to save them from the hostile attempts of enemies to deceive the students in disguise of political movements. "religion is the only protection for the young generation and the university students. we should not let morality get weak in the universities," ayatollah khamenei said. the leader said, "today, the enemy endeavors to turn the universities into base of hostility to islam and the islamic republic and every one is responsible to safeguard islam and morality in the universities."

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the leader renewed his call to help the young students in the universities reinforce their religious belief and keep them safe from any ethical corruption. prior to the leader's speech, minister of culture and higher education mostafa mo'in gave a report on the programs of his ministry during the third five-year development plan (to start from march 20, 2000).
:irna 12/01/100 17:31

leader commemorates popular uprising in holy qom (9.1.2000)

tehran, jan. 9, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on sunday appreciated hoisting of the flag of islam throughout the world despite 150 years of colonialism thanks to the victory of the islamic revolution. in a meeting with thousands of people to mark the anniversary of the popular uprising in the holy city of qom in 1978, the supreme leader said the people of qom have had very significant part in opening a new way for the muslim world in the contemporary era. the leader said, "it is true that many governments, politicians and the political entities in the world have bowed to the magnificence of the islamic revolution, but, the enmity continues against the islamic revolution with new methods being employed and the people are aware of them." the supreme leader said the people demonstrated their awareness vis-a-vis the enemies by taking part in the friday prayers ceremonies, eid-ul-fitr congregational prayers and other rallies for example the rally on the international qods day. elsewhere in his address, the leader said, "this year, the rally staged on the international qods day was very meaningful. it was a crystal clear response to the propaganda campaign of the enemies, and was worrisome to the enemies arousing their anxiety and wrath." "faith in islam, political awareness of the people and hatred for those who are self-alienated and insinuated by the world arrogance, is the point that the enemies are working to undermine, but the iranian nation does not allow the enemies to dominate their destiny once again," the supreme leader said. the leader rejected the idea of following the patterns set by other countries in dealing with economic problems and said the models for the economic, cultural, political and social problems of iran should be employed by taking into account the history, culture and demographic composition of the country.
:irna 09/01/100 17:40

unjustifiable u.s. intervention in the middle east peace talks (8.1.2000)

tehran, jan 8, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here saturday in a meeting with ranking military and government officials said in view of the immeasurable assistance provided for israel by the united states, the u.s. ntervention in the peace negotiations was a quite wrong and unfair move. he pointed out that the return to the true islam and the unity among muslims was the sole way of salvation for the world of islam
from the scourge and plight. referring to the problems facing muslims in caucasus, europe,
hechnya, the palestine and its adjacent countries, the supreme leader said today the muslim nations are suffering from backwardness and poverty while their huge resources can save them. he said muslims could reach salvation if they return to the true islam and if there is stronger solidarity among them. commenting on the growing pressures exerted by the arrogant powers on the islam world in particular on those muslim nations which show more commitment and interest in the lofty islamic values, he said today the muslims should consider reinforcing the unity among themselves in the auspicious day of eid al-fitr and proceed to solve their problems through friendship and tenderness. he called upon all the muslim people, islamic countries, scholars and intellectuals to consider the spirituality along with scientific progress and prosperity in various civil, political and economic fields. despite its so many progress and wealth, the worldly civilization of the west has failed, due to its lack of spirituality, to bring about the true happiness and good luck for the society members. he said the interconnection between the islamic feasts and spirituality indicates clearly to what extent the spiritual and godly values are importance for muslims. furthermore, the supreme leader said avoiding animosity and vengeance and considering solidarity and unity among muslims was the most important social issue recommended by islam. :irna 08/01/100 16:52

eid-al fitr prayers in tehran led by ayatollah khamenei (8.1.2000)

tehran, jan 8, irna -- on the auspicious occasion of eid al-fitr marking the end of the fasting month of ramadhan, the special prayers of the day was held in the grand prayers compound northern tehran saturday morning attended by a huge crowd of the muslim people and led by the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei. in the sermons following the prayers, ayatollah khamenei congratulated the muslims all over the world and notably iranian muslims on the great islamic occasion and called on all people to
safeguard the divine achievements of the fasting month of ramadhan. he reffered to eid al-fitr as the celebration of worship and divine foregiveness and said the religious self-discipline in the fasting month of ramadhan, suffering hunger and thirst and fighting one's passions lead to strengthening morals and acquiring good manners, the achievements which one should preserve for the rest of the life. the leader of the islamic revolution stressed that tyrranies, hypocrasities, injustice and atrocities in the world are rooted in indulging in base passions and said that the human beings enjoying salvation is he who overpowers such inclinations. he added that the fasting month of ramadhan provides the opportunity to consolidate links with allah along the year. he cited a remark made by imam ali the first imam of the infallible household of the prophet (sawa) saying that the true eid is for the one who god has accepted his prayers, fasting and worship in the month of ramadhan and the eid is any day in which one does not perpetrate sins. he expressed hope that the muslim people of iran would transform into eid all the days of the year.
referring to the forthcoming parliamentary elections in the second sermon of the eid al-fitr prayers, ayatollah khamenei underlined the importance of the event and said participation in the elections is a divine, islamic and national duty. he said that the noble nation of iran have proceeded along the years after the islamic revolution with the name of allah, and the
previous five parliamentary elections have been great tests for the nation in which one should take pride. noting that elections in many other countries are tarnished by skirmishes, quarrels and even bloodshedding, he said that during the last twenty years, the spirited and warm presence of the people in various elections has been marked by soundness, fairness and tranquility, expressing hope that the forthcoming elections should bear the same hallmarks. ayatollah khamenei warned people of certain elements who intend to stir up tension in the parliamentary elections and said these alien and treacherous people are trying to bring about an artificial crisis. he called on the candidates to be sincere and conscientious noting that the people need deputies who run for the elections with the intention of serving them out of good divine faith. he singled out certain qualities for suitable candidates such as religious faith, believing in the islamic revolution's principles as well as in the late imam and independence of the country. the leader of the islamic revolution condemned any attempt to bring certain charges against the legal authorities invested with the management of elections, stressing that in case of any difference of opinion between the interior ministry as the executive body and the council of guardians as the supervisory body of the elections, they should solve them among themselves, but certain people are trying to create tension through blaming authorities. ayatollah khamenei underlined the need for abiding by the law as a firm and fixed criterion and said that all people are obligated to act in accordance with the laws and regulations endorsed by majlis and the guardians council. the leader of the islamic revolution also felicitated all religious people around the world notably the muslim and christian people of iran on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of the great prophet jesus christ (as).
:irna 08/01/100 12:59

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