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leader stresses religious training for youth (26.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 26, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei here on saturday stressed the need for making serious efforts to provide young generation with religious training and employing sound and efficient methods to realize this
important objective. ayatollah khamenei, who was addressing education ministry officials on the occasion of training affairs and islamic education day, advised the audience to benefit from wise ulema, outstanding figures, good books and scientific methods to convey religious concepts to the youth in the proper and attractive manner. the leader added that while imparting education of religious concepts to young adults one should avoid any misconception, backwardness, wrong notions and fanciful intellectualism on religious issues. ayatollah khamenei touched on anti-religious training before the triumph of islamic revolution in iran and said it had been the main reason for scientific backwardness of the country and lack of motivation among the young adults of the time. the leader said that victory of the islamic revolution and preparation of the ground for religious training for young generation afterwards, clarified everything. ayatollah khamenei thanked education ministry officials, the education minister hossein mozaffar in particular, for their efforts to provide young adults with religious training.

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the leader stressed serious efforts and planning for the promotion of religious concepts and their implementation. throughout history, the harm and damage suffered by mankind due to a lack of sound training is at times more than that arising out of ignorance, said the iranian leader.
:irna 26/02/2000 18:22


leader receives king fahd's special envoy (19.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 19, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei on saturday received saudi king's special envoy, abd al-aziz al-khuwaiter. al-khuwaiter submitted an invitation from king fahd to the supreme leader to visit saudi arabia for hajj pilgrimage. thanking king fahd for the invitation, the leader expressed the wish to visit saudi
arabia for pilgrimage to the holy shrines in mecca and medina. the leader said the strong and growing ties between iran and saudi arabia would not only serve mutual interests but would also benefit the muslim world. "the threat posed by israel is growing. you see in the midst of the so-called peace talks, what happened to lebanon (in reference to the israeli air raids). therefore the muslim world needs to develop strong relations," the leader told king fahd's special envoy.

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the leader said the threats to islam are not just limited to israel but the centers directed by the global arrogance look at the muslim world in the same way and follow the same hostile policy against muslim countries where islamic views are prevalent.  ayatollah khamenei pointed to the approaching annual hajj pilgrimage and hoped that the event would be held in a befitting manner in order to have more influence on the muslims particularly the young generation. the leader thanked the saudi officials for raising the quota for the iranian pilgrims in the annual hajj pilgrimage. al-khuwaiter expressed pleasure with his meeting with the leader and the cordial relations existing between iran and saudi arabia. :irna 19/02/2000 18:13

leader thanks people for large turnout in nationwide election (19.2.2000)

tehran, feb 19, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei saturday thanked the people for their massive participation in friday's nationwide election. the supreme leader described the election as "a blessing of god almighty" and said that the iranian nation aptly demonstrated that they will safeguard the islamic republic by turning the february 18 election into a source of national pride. "all international observers viewed with surprise the way the iranian nation actively participated in the election which came close on heels after the celebrations of the 21st anniversary of victory of the islamic revolution," the leader said. the leader said, "the iranian nation nullified the illusion that the people are separate from islam and the islamic revolution. no doubt the iranian nation is the true winner of the election which makes factional success negligible." the leader also thanked the officials in charge of holding the election and appreciated the guidance offered to the people by religious leaders and high ranking officials. the leader also called on the people to demonstrate equal enthusiasm in the run-off elections (in constituencies where the hopefuls failed to win one fourth of the total votes cast due to large number of candidates). the leader prayed the almighty god to help the iranian nation attain welfare and pride under the banner of islam.
:irna 19/02/2000 17:03

grand leader casts vote at sixth majlis elections (18.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 18, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei cast his vote shortly after polls opened here friday morning. the leader cast his vote at 09:17 hours local time at imam khomeini hosseiniyeh, in jamaran, northern tehran. tens of foreign and domestic journalists and photographers were present at the imam khomeini mosque to give coverage to the event. after the leader registered the names of his chosen candidates and cast his vote, he advised the nation to rush to the polling stations to cast their votes. the grand leader referred to the sixth majlis election as a ''divine test''. ayatollah khamenei called on the nation to carefully select the best people who would follow the objectives of islam and serve the country and the nation. the leader expressed the hope that the nation will be successful in participating in the ''great test'' and will bring honor to the islamic republic by casting their votes.

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:irna 18/02/2000 10:53

leader: people's massive turnout in election sign of system's power (15.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 15, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei said here on tuesday that election is a symbol of national capability and strength and of realization of people's rights. addressing officials in charge of this year's hajj pilgrimage, ayatollah khamenei said that people's massive turnout in the sixth parliamentary elections, slated for february 18, indicates the stability and strength of the islamic system. the leader of the islamic revolution said that participation in the election is both the right and deuty of people.
the country belongs to people and therefore, people have the right to decide their own fate themselves and elect their favorite legislators through a sound and free election as is envisaged by the law, said ayatollah khamenei, adding that since the fate of the system and country depends on realization of this right, people are duty-bound to use the right. all eligible voters should take part in the election, the leader reiterated. any person interested in the dignity and prosperity of the system would take part in the sixth parliamentary elections, said the leader, predicting that the great and vigilant iranian nation would be present on the scene of election enthusiastically to show their support for islam and the islamic system. the leader said election should be held free from any tension and clashes. candidates participating in the election hold different ideas and beliefs and god willing people would vote for their favorite candidates in a calm atmosphere wisely. ayatollah khamenei said that holding of 21 elections in a span of 21 years since the victory of the islamic revolution had no presedence elsewhere in the world. ayatollah khamenei said that an atmosphere of political tension and violence in society would run counter to the interests of election and the country at large. political tension on the threshold of election might discourage some segments of society from participating in the election and unfortunately there are some words and statements nowadays which seem to be pursuing this goal. the leader touched on the enemy's efforts to divide the society into left and right wings. the iranian nation is faithful and united and such efforts to sow discord among people has nothing to do with the texture of the society, the leader added. the revolution leader said people from various walks of life hand in hand led the islamic revolution to victory and the eight-year iraqi imposed war (1980-88) was repelled through solidarity and cohesion among the same people. therefore, the leader added, people would continue to proceed in their way and as they have shown they would never pay attention to such devisive words. the leader underlined the need for people and the youth in particular to remain vigilant on the threshold of the elections. the youth should move in the line of election with prudence and open eyes and by observing islamic criteria. ayatollah khamenei advised those trying to disturb the social atmosphere through political tension and rumor mongering to leave people along and let them decide freely. the law is the backbone of election and all should accept its results, the leader added. the leader called on the islamic consultative assembly to resist bullying, greedy desires and threats of global powers.
ayatollah khamenei said intimidation of the one who assumes a responsibility at majlis or government can result in waste of many facilities of the nation. the leader stressed election of reliable and religiously committed people for the sixth majlis. ayatollah khamenei said: ''to insure that majlis deputy will not be intimidated, and will not yield to greedy desires we should go to reliable and religiously committed people; they are the ones who will follow a correct and independent solution befitting special conditions of the nation and country and will follow the solution based on islam.''

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the leader said following western methods, especially during elections, would be harmful to nations because the goal behind such elections is deceiving people and such a practice will lack any value. ayatollah khamenei stressed importance of research and study on election of the candidates deserving to be representative of majlis. the upcoming elections is a great test for iranian nation and government and undoubtedly, the vigilant iranian nation will once again discourage the u.s., the arrogant and zionist centers anywhere in the world, the leader added. referring to statements of some american officials on elections in iran, ayatollah khamenei quoted one of the american officials as saying that americans are following the issue on rejection of the candidacy of some hopefuls. ''the eyes of the country's officials should be open to see what has been the objective of the undeniable enemy of the iranian nation's interests in voicing concern over rejection of certain people's candidacy and it may indicate that the rejection of competency at legal centers is just counter to interests of the power holders and domineering powers'' the leader said.
elsewhere in his remarks, ayatollah khamenei said that hajj is symbol of link with god almighty, a muslim man's acquaintance with divine verses and his further closeness to his creator. the leader said that in light of hajj, discords caused by suspicions, prejudices and plots of enemy are removed and a step is taken towards formation of a united muslim ummah. ayatollah khamenei referred to disavowal (from pagans) as an outstanding example of abrahamian hajj. hajj is symbol of spirituality, unity and disowning the enemies of god, the leader added.
the leader thanked people for their massive turn-out in the february 11 rallies, marking the triumph anniversary of the 1979 - islamic revolution. despite wide-scale publicity efforts of the enemy to alienate people from their honorable past, revolution and the beloved imam, iranian people in various parts of the country took part in the february 11 rallies to show that the factor of religious intellectuality is alive and crucial in islamic iran, said the leader, concluding that the iranian nation is a faithful and lively nation in line with imam and islam and no power has yet been able to make them forget their memory of the imam.
:irna 15/02/2000 20:56
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congratulation message on the occasion of marriage of 1000 young couples (14.2.2000)

tehran, feb 14, irna -- supreme leader ayatollah seyed ali khamenei issued a message of congratulation on the occasion of the marriage ceremony for one thousand couples monday. in his message, ayatollah khamenei advised the young couples to be kind toward their spouse, to be loyal to each other while joining hands in the ups and downs of the life. the message was read out to the participants at the wedding ceremony held on the occasion by hojjatoleslam qomi, head of the leader's representation office in universities.
:irna 14/02/2000 23:20

leader: armed force have successfully passed examinations (8.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 8, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said on tuesday the armed forces of the islamic republic including the army and the islamic revolution's guards corps (irgc) have successfully passed examinations over the past 20 years. addressing a graduation ceremony at the air force academy, the leader said the air force joined the people on february 8, 1979 and broke the superficial barricades created by the aliens and found their way towards progress, innovation and research studies. the leader said the armed forces have embarked on progress, production and self-reliance and proved their competence and livelihood. the leader also described the iranian nation as unique in terms of bravery, intelligence and said the iranian nation is after its own aspirations and defending its goals. the commander in chief of the armed forces called on the commanders and rank and file of the armed forces to observe piety. elsewhere in his speech, the leader said the enemies of the iranian people and the islamic revolution are brutal and far away from the ethical and humanitarian principle, adding that relying upon the almighty god and patience coupled with hard work will help the nation reach its great expectations. ayatollah khamenei appreciated the achievements of the air force in manufacturing hardware inside the country and maintenance of various kinds of equipment including military planes in which foreign technicians had been involved before establishment of the islamic republic. prior to the leader's address, commander of the air force brigadier-general baqaei welcomed the leader and said the air force has focused on promoting self-sufficiency and boosting defense capability. chancellor of the air force academy brigadier-general shouqi said in his report to the leader that the air force will manufacture jet fighter by the year 2001.
:irna 08/02/2000 17:21

leader to receive air force personnel (7.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 7, irna -- the personnel of the air force are to attend a special ceremony on tuesday to reaffirm their allegiance to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei. the meeting marks the anniversary of a meeting of the revolutionary personnel of the air force with the late imam khomeini on february 8, 1979, which opened a new chapter in the history of the struggle of the iranian nation with the tyrannical pahlavi regime.

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on the auspicious occasion, flag hoisting ceremonies will be held simultaneously at all military bases and garrisons around the
country. :irna 07/02/2000 17:26

leader pays glowing tribute to martyrs of islamic revolution (3.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 3, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei in a message on thursday paid glowing tribute to the martyrs of the islamic revolution and the eight year sacred defense. the message issued on the third day of the ten-day dawn celebrations marking the 21st victory anniversary of the islamic revolution, said ''our independence and dignity is indebted to the devotions and self-sacrificing acts of the martyrs. the memory of these beloved ones should be kept alive atop all prides and achievements of the islamic republic of iran.'' ''no nation or a country in the world has ever managed to get rid of foreign domination without the devotions and endeavors of its best children,'' the leader said. elsewhere in his message, the leader of the islamic revolution urged the iranian youth to enhance their spirituality and ethics and engage in cultural activities in order to covey the salvation message of the revolution to its followers and to foil the propaganda campaigns of arrogant enemies.
:irna 03/02/2000 17:27

leader:people's massive turnout in parliamentary elections, a must (2.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 2, irna -- the supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei said here on wednesday that it is of great importance that people have a ''massive and enthusiastic'' turnout out in the upcoming sixth parliamentary elections, slated for february 18. addressing thousands of people from various walks of life, ayatollah khamenei called on people, political officials and authorities in charge of parliamentary elections to be vigilant. the leader scoffed at the statement of a ''naive'' american official that they (americans) should wait to see what would be the results of the coming elections. ''ok, wait and see how the iranian people will once again deal a blow on the u.s.,'' the leader said. the leader said the enemy is trying to prevent people from massively participating in the parliamentary elections so as to claim that people have distanced themselves from the revolution and system, on the one hand and on the other deceive people with its propaganda campaign and hue and cry with an aim of preventing the real and reliable representatives of people from finding their way to the majlis. the leader said the interior ministry should act exactly in accordance with the law and prevent betrayal of the people's trusts and votes. the guardians council too should be vigilant and honor people's rights so as to prevent ill wishers from being elected to the sixth majlis, to be formed in the year of imam khomeini, ayatollah khamenei added. the leader made it clear that the prevalence of calm and tranquility in the country is the prerequisite for holding a sound, and glorious election. ayatollah khamenei said "people's aspirations and wishes will be realized only through solidarity and unity but ill wishers always advoate clash and quarrel in the society and are bent on pitting people against one another. they do not want to do people and the islamic system any good because they are void of truth, peace and sincerity." a member of parliament should be efficient, pious, religiously committed, reliable, experienced and supporter of the weak, said the leader, adding that thus, people are religiously and morally duty-bound to vote for those having those characteristics. elsewhere in his remarks, the leader underlined the need to keep the young generations abreast of the events, which led to the victory of the 1979 islamic revolution in iran.
:irna 02/02/2000 17:24

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supreme leader pays tribute to imam khomeini (1.2.2000)

tehran, feb. 1, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei, here tuesday morning visited the mausoleum of the late founder of the islamic republic, imam khomeini, on the anniversary of the imam's historic arrival in iran this day in 1979. the supreme leader also paid tribute to hojatoleslam ahmad khomeini, the late son of imam khomeini. ayatollah khamenei also paid homage to the martyrs of the islamic revolution and the 1980-1988 iraqi imposed war as well as martyred officials including ayatollah mohammad hosseini beheshti (then chief justice of the supreme court), mohammad javad bahonar (prime minister), mohammad ali rajaie (president) and mustafa chamran (defense minister and imam's representative at the defense ministry). the imam's return back home after 15 years of exile coincides with the beginning of the ten-day dawn celebrations marking the anniversary of the triumph of the islamic revolution (february 1-11).
:irna 01/02/2000 13:12

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