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Imam Khamenei rejects criticism of theology students

Excerpts from report by Iranian TV on 5th September

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i, the honourable leader of the Islamic Revolution, addressed a group of theology students this afternoon at the Start of the term for extracurricular studies in jurisprudence.

In his speech/ the honourable leader spoke of the existence of certain arrogant motives in Opposition to the learned men of religion as well as the historical root for the Opposition of colonial powers to theology schools and Islamic clergy.

At the end of his speech, he said: Arrogant.policies, which put Reza Khan [Pahlavi] and his son [the Shah] in power, have continued to be active against religion and the learned men of Islam with an anti-religious motivation. And today their followers and those who do not accept the religious message are busy humiliating and insulting the men of religion and the theology schools. At the same time, a knowledgeable theology Student in Qom gets by on a very small grant. Therefore, insulting the ulema and the learned by saying they make a living

From religion is clearly an injustice and thoroughly unfair.


Ayatollah Khamene'i at the start of the nationwide gathering of the country’s Friday imams

11 September 95

In a speech this morning at the start of the nationwide gathering of the country’s Friday imams, His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i, the/great leader of the Islamic revolution, described the aims behind the Propaganda activities of the Joint forces of arrogance and Zionism against Islam and the Islamic System in Iran and stressed the need for Friday imams to strive seriously and with vigilance to foil the ill-intentioned and pre-planned Propaganda of the enemies of Islam.

The eminent leader spoke of the Opposition of hegemonistic powers to, the sovereignty of religion anywhere in the world and said: “The enlightening religion of Islam is constantly struggling against oppression, domination and immorality. For this reason, the enemies of religion consider the sovereignty of in Iran to be a dangerous phenomenon threatening the realization of their colonialist aims in the world and today they have intensified their battle against the Islamic System because they feel even more threatened by it.

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i spoke of the emergence of Islamist movements in Egypt and Algeria, as well as in the heart of Europe, as a consequence of the faith felt by Muslims in the sovereignty of Islam in Iran and said: The US has been defeated in the political arena Khamene'i - recording Now look: A government based on the Koran, with a constitution based on the Koran and laws that comply, without exception, with religion comes to power, run by religious ulema. This government is so resistant, so steadfast and so constructive that it is willing to confront arrogance, to confront both the East and West at the same time, to go through eight years of war, to carry out such Publicity in the world to be able to strike fear into the heart of arrogance. During just these past two, three months, the Americans have experienced clear defeats at the hands of the Islamic Republic in the political arena on three issues Russian-Iranian nuclear cooperation, Iranian-South African oil cooperation and the refusal of other countries to join the US trade embargo against Iran. The entire world has said this, not just us. Well, other countries can see this. Intellectuals and young people are excited and given hope by it and this hope drives them towards Islamic struggles. Arrogance understands this. It knows that as long, as this flame is burning here, they will have these problems.”

The eminent leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the hostile and pre-planned activities of the enemies of Islam in the fields of politics, culture and Propaganda and said: “Today, we must keep a constant eye on the activities, position, programmes and places of influence of the enemy in various arenas so that we may foil its blows in a knowledgeable way. His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i described the issue of Propaganda as one of the kernels of the enemy1 s cultural onslaught and, stressing the need for vigilance and sharpness among the country's people and officials, as well as the need for identifying and thwarting the enemy's aims, he said: “The dangers of foreign radio stations Khamene'i - recording Propaganda is extremely important. I mentioned this a few days ago on another occasion. One of the important factors which is behind the events that are under way in Afghanistan at the moment is the external radio Singular as heard, which is fanning the flames of war there with every passing day. Radio stations play a role in many parts of the world. In the events taking place in the newly-independent regions, in Russia, in the Balkans, radio stations are creating havoc. Their effect on weak and unsuspecting nations is truly devastating. Radio stations are making life a misery for people in some regions. Fortunately, in Iran, thanks to the faith and vigilance which the people are provided with - and Friday imams are one of the main sources of this - the people, God be praised, have a kind of relative immunity. Propaganda is an important matter. Propaganda reveals the enemy's intentions. In other words, the Propaganda being carried out by the enemy through the radios - although used as a tool and a weapon by the enemy - is also useful and informative for us. We learn from its Propaganda what its intentions are.“

The eminent leader described the efforts to deprive the people of their faith in the future as one of the important and main axes of the enemy's Propaganda and said: “In their Propaganda, hegemonistic powers pretend that the Iranian nation has no hope in its future and that there is no light visible on the horizon. The aim of the enemy's efforts in instilling hopelessness in the people of Iran is to disrupt the Islamic movement of the Iranian nation Today, the hearts of all the Iranian people are active with hope, but the enemy hopes to reap the fruits of its efforts in future years.

The eminent leader of the Islamic revolution referred to the false and unfounded Propaganda of the enemy aimed at creating doubts among the people about the capabilities and effectiveness of the Islamic System 's statesmen and officials and at suggesting that there are divisions among them Iranian officials. He added: “Sowing doubts and uncertainty about the self-evident principles of the revolution and religion forms one of the important races of the Propaganda of global arrogance. Islam cannot be separated from politics Throughout many years, certain elements have tried, with total wickedness and, slyness, to drive religion into the corners of prayer centres, mosques and houses, but the Muslim people of Iran have learned very clearly and have faith in the fact that government and politics are part and parcel of the self-evident bases of Islam and that the administration of religion is one of the religious duties of Muslims. Government is one of the elements of religion. Religion is for governing the people's lives and the Separation of religion from politics is not possible.”

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i described the casting of doubts on the principle of the velayat-e faqih guardianship of the supreme jurisconsult; as one of the enemy's Propaganda tactics and said: The velayat-e faqih - in the sense of rule by a religious expert - is the best System conceivable for humanity in terms of credibility and authority and in terms of mental and conceptual investigations. And today, this important idea has been realized in. Iran's Islamic society. Casting doubts on the insistence on Islamic principles and foundations in the face of national interest is another of the enemy’s Propaganda aims. What is1 evident, however, is that the long-term interest of an Islamic Community cannot be realized in any way other than under Islam and the Koran.

The eminent leader of the Islamic revolution described the rule of divine values as the only method of government which can answer the needs of human life and, elsewhere in his speech, he referred to the Propaganda efforts of the enemy to create divisions among the Iranian nation and other Muslim nations and said: “Hundreds of books have been published in the world against Shi'ism and the Islamic System in Iran which are aimed at putting out the flame of the faith and love of Muslim youth who chant Slogans - in Egypt, Algeria and other countries in North Africa, the Middle East and eastern Asia - in the name of the Islamic Republic, the revolution and the eminent Imam Khomeyni.

Using various methods, the enemies of Islam have concentrated their efforts on breaking the link between the Muslim youth of the world, the revolution and the Islamic System, trying to erect a barrier between the Iranian nation and other Muslim nations.

The eminent leader stressed the need for the ulema, clergy and Friday imams to strive to foil the ill-intentioned anä anti-Islamic Propaganda of the enemy rand, closing his remarks addressed to the imams, he said: We are in the battlefield of a Propaganda war with the enemy and not a Single word must be uttered which can be taken advantage of by the enemy, and any shot that is fired in this battle must be to the disadvantage of the enemy...

Ayatollah Khamenei: Role of media is to help peope confront enemy prejudices

4 Sep 95

At a meeting with the head of the Voice and Vision organization [WIRI; Iranian radio and TV; its head is Ali Larijani] and the officials responsible for various political directorates of that organization, His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene’i, the esteemed leader of the Islamic

revolution, stressed the necessity for long-term planning and serious effort by the WIRI to deepen Islamic wisdom and increase the analytical powers of the people.

Expressing satisfaction about the news and political sections of the WIRI the esteemed leader described as tangible and invaluable the progress made by the organization in terms of planning and implementation of news bulletins and political Programmes.

He stressed the need to take advantage of the correct literature of the Persian language in the WIRI's various news bulletins. He said that for many people the news idiom is the criterion for writing and speech. He added: Incorrect or weak terminology should not enter the contents of WIRI programmes, particularly the news and political commentaries. Referring to the fact that the general public ignored foreign radios, he stressed the necessity for further strengthening the people's trust in the WIRI.

He said the great Iranian nation was one of the world's political nations. He added: Today the people should obtain political depth, and the WIRI plays a major part in that respect. He stressed: The aim of the political activities of radio and television should be concentrated on increasing the people's powers of analysis. For that important fact insured the revolution and the people in the Confrontation with the suggestions and prejudices of the enemies.

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