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Leader: Music Not Unlawful in Islam

1995 Nov 30

"Music is not unlawful in Islam if used in its proper context," announced the spiritual Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in response to an inquiry about the Leader's religious decree on music, put forth by the Deputy Guidance Minister Abolqasem Khoshrou. "Music is to be served in all forms and for all purposes be it for military, religious, national and other worthy purposes," said the Ayatollah who added, "however, the Islamic System is not bound to spread it."

The late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini had a few years ago issued a very controversial decree legalizing sales of musical instruments and also playing chess if not meant gambling


Leader Regrets Injustice to Women in West

TEHRAN (Iran News 11/14/95) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei says perfection of humanity depends on women's and men's being in their true places. "In the divine system neither woman nor man has the right to consider himself more essential and useful," the Leader told a group of women officials, specialists and artists. He also explained the place, responsibilities and role of woman and man according to Islam and stressed the need for making use of the law, promotion of wisdom and thinking of women and of the intellectual level of society as a whole.

At the meeting, held on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Hadhrat Fatemeh Zahra (S.A.) and Woman's Day, the Leader described as shameful the figures on injustice to women in the Western world. The Leader said that in the Western countries, including the U.S., where there

are talks about equal rights for women and men, there are horrifying figures on use of violence against women and their abuse in various places.

"Therefore the problem of women cannot be remedied with what the West has considered. Women's problems will worsen upon removal of hijab (Islamic cover) from their head and avoiding the religious restrictions." Ayatolah Khamenei said Islam's effort, on the contrary, was directed at creating a healthy climate.

Ay. Khamene'i praises work of Iranian TV


Ayatollah Khamene' i has met with the management of Iranian TV and has praised the changes that he considers to have been made. At the meeting, he stressed TVs role in shaping public opinion in terms of religion and politics. At the same meeting, Dr Larijani, head of Iranian TV and radio, outlined some current projects, including Investment in programmes and regional broadcasting.

The following is the text of a report by Iranian Television: His eminence Ayatollah Ali Khamene'i, esteemed leader of the Islamic Revolution, this morning 30th October , at a meeting with the managers and officials in Charge of different sections of the Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Iranian TV described the television as a university which teaches, directs and guides society. He considered that the main duty of the Voice Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran, WIRI was to be the fountainhead of the spectrum of society's thoughts on the basis of the clear line set down by religion and politics. At the meeting, the esteemed leader praised the progress made by the WIRI in different fields, saying: Thanks to the efforts that have been made, the television's programmes are today alive and cheerful, and have undergone fundamental changes compared to the past, both in terms of the extensive

Topics they cover and also in terms of attracting viewers. I am less apprehensive now because of the kind of attention that the Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran is paying to the issues of the revolution, the holy Imam Khomeyni, the holy defence of the Iranian nation and the chief issues concerning the country. The eminent leader of the Islamic Revolution praised the fact that the radio and television were keeping alive the values of Islam and revolution. He

said: The Vision is a guide, pace-setter and teacher and it was the late holy Imam - Gods peace be upon him - who wisely likened the VVIRI to a university, on the basis of which, its staff should identify a clear line on religion and politics and guide the spectrum of the countries thoughts towards that line.

The esteemed leader said that the main expectation from the radio and television was to elevate culture and guide society's opinion in general on religion and politics. He said: The officials of this important institution, and explain the lofty ideas of religion, using methods which only television can. They should also fulfil their important and determining mission with regard to the country's principled policies, the Islamic System and the compatibility of religion with changes occurring in society, which is necessary for a government.

His eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i stressed the need for the Islamic Republic of Iranís Vision to match Programme Contents with society's talents such as literature, poetry and theatre. He said: Music should be in the Service of humanity's lofty objectives and incline humanity towards goodness. Music is an art and this divine creation should be used to the advantage of people and benefiting from music, we should have confidence in the integrity and correctness of the path we are following. His eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i said that it was necessary to make television programmes that were compatible with the indigenous culture and language. He then concluded by stressing the need for strong confrontation with the promotion of ostentation and consumerism through the television's programmes.

Dr Ali Larijani, head of the Voice and Vision, addressed the gathering before the eminent leader. He outlined the main policies of the organization which are aimed at an all-round expansion of the television's programmes to suit the needs of viewers. He said that the broadcasting of live television programmes takes a clear stance on the path of Islamic and revolutionary values. He also reported on: Investment in producing numerous serials; doubling the production of programmes at WIRI's provincial centres; sharing the same thoughts with specialists at universities and seminaries and the rise in the level of supervision over television programmes.

leader sends message on assassination of Islamic Jihad leader


Source: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i, the esteemed leader of the Islamic revolution, in a message this evening about the martyrdom of the self-sacrificing soldier of Islam, Dr Fathi al-Shaqaqi, stressed: This crimson and proud death will strengthen the great Islamic movement in Palestine. The esteemed leader's message is as follows:

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. From God we come and to Him we shall return Koranic verse. The bloody arena of the Islamic struggle of Palestine has once again been painted with the unjust shedding of the blood of a brave and innocent offspring of that land. He, who strove to defend his People and country with a heart full of faith and sincerity, was martyred by the blood-sucking and murdering usurpers. And the Zionists, who are devoid of honour and morals, have once again proved that they consider murder permissible and justified to attain their illegitimate goals.

The pious, brave, intellectual arid sincere warrior, Dr. Fathi al-Shaqaqi, was one of the shining figures who brought about the dawn of the struggle of the people of Palestine in the last decade, and devoted all his strength and resources - and now his dear life - to that holy Crusade. The dawn of Islam in the struggle of the Palestinians, which breathed a new life into the innocent Palestinian nation, started while the false advocates of the Palestinian issue refrained from mentioning the name of Islam in that purely Islamic land; and by separating the issue of Palestine from Islam, knowingly or unwittingly, drove Palestine's ideals towards doom and destruction. And it was at that time when a group of zealous, earnest, pious and intellectual youths - headed by our dear martyr, Dr. Fathi al-Shaqaqi - inspired by the

Islamic revolution of Iran and with hearts full of love and devotion for the late great Imam Khomeyni , raised the banner of the Islamic struggle, and in spite of the weak-willed, black-hearted mercenaries, and in spite of the usurping regime, and in spite of America and its lackeys in Arab lands, infused new blood in the depressed veins of the Palestinian jihad and dealt blows to the enemy who, simple-mindedly and optimistically, thought the justice-seeking struggles were over. Now that pious and earnest warrior has achieved martyrdom, which is the wish of all earnest and sincere combatants. But I declare decisively that that crimson and proud death will strengthen the great Islamic movement in

Palestine and will make the innocent Palestinians more adamant in the struggle for God.

The combative Palestinian nation has the right to regard those guilty of treason against Palestine's goals - be they those who in total disgrace call themselves Palestinians or those Arabs who are not Palestinians - as the accomplices of the Zionist regime in this crime and similar previous crimes. Undoubtedly, this will not be the last crime of the usurping terrorists. Undoubtedly, that which ultimately will reach decisive victory will be the rightful movement of the Muslim, combative and innocent Palestinian I express my congratulations and condolences for the martyrdom of that outstanding Palestinian warrior to all the Palestinian people particularly the glorious Islamic Jihad Organization of Palestine, and especially to his

wife, children, parents and friends. And peace be upon all God's righteous subjects.

Signed Seyed Ali Khamene'i.


Speech to a gathering of young people in Tehran to mark the National day of struggle against global arrogance


Ayatollah Khameneiís delivered a speech to a gathering of young people in Tehran on 1st November (1995) to mark the National day of struggle against global arrogance", the anniversary of the occupation of the US Embassy on 4th November 1979. He said those Iranians who thought that the struggle against the USA had ended were wrong because the world was being run by hegemonists, led by the USA/ and that "only those who accept hegemony are approved by hegemonists" . He went on to praise the killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Fathi al-Shaqaqi, saying that his "crime" was not only opposing Zionism, but also being a follower of the late Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khomeyni. Khamene'i underlined the role of the clergy in society by saying that jihad been the clergy in Iran who had brought about the revolution and that the revolution would be destroyed without them. He ended by issuing a warning to those who were undermining the clergy in Iran: he said if it came to light that they were doing so "with ulterior motives... The Islamic System will slap these people hard in the face." The following are excerpts of a recording of Khamenei's speech broadcast by Iranian radio on 1st November:

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