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leader says irgc vital for future of Islamic causes (29.9.1993)

Tehran, sept. 29, irna -- the leader of the Islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei today said the Islamic revolution's guards corps (irgc) is a huge and reliable force which is vital for the future of Islamic causes. "the irgc is a trained, efficient and disciplined military organization which enjoys spiritual characteristics," the supreme leader said during a joint flag hoisting ceremony of the irgc naval, air and ground forces. the armed forces commander-in-chief recommended the irgc personnel to upgrade their military knowledge, efficiency and might as a combat organization and by exchanging expertise with the army boost the defence and combathpower of Islamic iran. after the leader's speech, various irgc ground units marched before him and some irgc airplanes and helicopters performed air maneuvers. the leader of the Islamic revolution then inspected various sections of the irgc missile unit. irgc air force commander brigadier general mohammad hussein ja ali briefed the leader on the activities of the force under his command.

leader tells rao Tehran regrets demolition of babri mosque (22.9.1993)

Tehran, sept. 22, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei told the visiting indian prime minister v.p. narasimha rao here wednesday that Tehran regrets the demolition of the 16 century babri mosque by hindu extremists. ayatollah khamenei also told the indian prime minister that the reconstruction of the babri mosque was of great importance to Muslims. the supreme leader also paid tribute to the late indian prime minister indira gandhi for her efforts to preserve the rights of the indian Muslims and harness the hostile sentiments of hindu extremists. "Muslims in india are part of the indian nation and their destiny is the destiny of the indian people," the leader noted. "but because of the feelings and sanctities they share with the world of Islam, the razing of the babri mosque by hindu zealots deeply hurt the iranian Muslims and other Muslims of the

world." the leader of the Islamic revolution pointed out that destroying religious sanctuaries under lame excuses is incomprehensible and unacceptable. the Muslim world expects the indian prime minister to take the necessary measures to rebuild the babri mosque, the leader said. as for the status of Muslims in kashmir, ayatollah khamenei said "the present conditions of Muslims in kashmir is not good for the reputation of india as a prominent state and a friend of the Islamic republic. it is expected that the issue will be solved in the best possible manner."

the indian prime minister expressed regret over the demolition of the babri mosque in ayodhya and said a court was now investigating the case. rao promised that the new delhi government will carry out the ruling of the court and will prosecute those behind the destruction of the mosque. rao, who is the highest ranking indian official visiting iran since the victory of the 1979 Islamic revolution, said the large community of Muslims living in india are part of the Muslim world. he added that his country needed social reforms more than anything else to halt unexpected tensions.

leader underlines importance of sacred defence (20.9.1993)

Tehran, sept. 20, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei on monday underlined the need to mark in an appropriate manner the iranian Muslims' defence of their ideals against international encroachment, in an appropriate manner. the supreme leader was referring to iran's sacred defence during the 1980-88 war imposed on it by the iraqi regime with the support of global arrogance. "the reality of the imposed war was not restricted to the attack by one country on another country, but it was actually an international conflict imposed on a nation which was defending a holy cause and truth," he pointed out. the ayatollah said that reports on national and patriotic wars is the most obvious part of the history of every nation because they indicate the true nature of that country. he also stressed on the importance of publishing books and screening films in connection with the iraqi imposed war, and of offering reliable statistics on iranian military operations, during the sacred defence week (september 22-28).

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