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leader calls on the world to stand against the u.s. (21.11.1993)

Tehran, nov. 21, irna -- leader of Islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei here today called on the world nations to stand against the u.s. "today governments, nations and administrative bodies should openly and powerfully give the u.s. a punch on the mouth, and prevent it from its shameless interference in their internal affairs," the leader told a gathering of the basij commanders. the leader said that iranian nation and government are powerful enough to prevent the global arrogance from intervention in their affairs. the aspiration of the Muslim and faithful iranian nation is based on living an independent life and flourishing the country, so it would not allow any power to use it as a tool, the leader added.

"those who are attempting to throw doubt in the hearts of the people about the moves of the central government through their words and writings, are certainly serving the enemies' goals, since our nation could bring the enemy to its knees in the light of its very trust, confidence and unity," he said. elsewhere, the leader said arrogance and zionist propaganda machine are trying to make a giant out of the u.s. and other powers, whereas, reality shows that if they were powerful, they could prevent the increasing growth of the Islamic movement, which is deeply-rooted and so strong today.

leader condemns west for science abuse (15.11.1993)

Tehran, nov. 15, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei here monday condemned the west for abusing science to disseminate materialism, individualism and corruption. the leader in a meeting with members of the academy of sciences regretted that today a country which is more advanced in sciences, it is also more involved in corruption. "today america has outstripped others in terms of insecurity, murder, crimes, breaking the human dignity and committing mischiefs." the leader cited. ayatollah khamenei described the restorers of sciences in the west as the first victims of the corruption prevailing in the west, and said that scientific progress should go with the growth of spirituality, and that the banner of knowledge should be hoisted in the world as a sign for the dissemination of spirituality. the academy of sciences was set up in 1991 as per an approval by the supreme cultural revolution council. it comprises six groups of humanities, Islamic teachings, engineering and agriculture, basic sciences, architecture and art.

leader receives indonesian president (2.11.1993)

Tehran, nov. 24, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei told the visiting president suharto nf indonesia here today that focusing on the Islamic aspect of relations among Muslim states will help bring one billion Muslims of the world closer to one another `nd patch tp their differences. "sincere cooperation among Muslim countries will have great impact on the status of those states and their people as well, because most of them with their unique capabilities can supplement one another," the supreme leader pointed out. reiterating iran's interest in having close cooperation with Muslim countries, ayatollah khamenei said "we attach great importance to indonesia as a great Muslim country." the two Muslim nations of Iran and indonesia enjoy immense capabilities and their joint bonds necessitate closer contact between the two states, ayatollah khamenei said.

the leader of the Islamic revolution expressed hope that the visit of the indonesian president to Tehran will greatly benefit both nations. president suharto, who arrived here tuesday at the head of a high-ranking delegation, said he was carrying the warm greetings and regards of 083 million people of his country for the leader of the Islamic revolution. the indonesian president also briefed ayatollah khamenei on the development plans now being implemented in indonesia.

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