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leader pardons prisoners (31.3.1993)

Tehran, march 31, irna-- some 1,682 prisoners were pardoned or their sentences commuted by the leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei on the occasion of the Islamic republic day, april 1. the amnesty was granted at the proposal of the head of the judiciary ayatollah mohammad yazdi. the convicts had been sentenced by public, military and Islamic revolution's courts.

leader: arab-israeli talks detrimental to palestinian nation (25.3.1993)

mashhad (khorasan), march 25, irna -- the leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei said here last night that any deal or negotiations between arab rulers and the zionist regime is "hundred percent detrimental to the palestinian nation." he also spoke of "darker days" for israel, predicting that the struggle of the oppressed palestinians "will not always be with stones" although currently palestinian youth inspired by the great Islamic revolution which generated a Muslim awakening are struggling with stones against the usurpers of their

homeland. "negotiations on palestine mean palestinians have no right to their homes and homeland anymore", the leader told a huge gathering at the holy shrine of imam ali ibn musa al-redha (pbuh) -the 8th imam of the prophet's (pbuh) household on the occasion of eid al-fitr.

he regretted that the real owners of palestine have been forced to leave their hearth and home through fraudulence, deceit and support of the big powers for the illicit zionist entity. the leader warned arab regimes negotiating with the zionist entity that the aim of these talks is the recognition of israel, because for the big powers, recognition means an end to the palestinian struggle. he said "arab states may have yielded to the talks under pressure of threat and bribery or lack of backing against the u.s., but the question is, why is the west so sensitive about iran's opposition to these talks, to the extent that arab states at political forums have cautioned iran against its opposition to their negotiations? "the independent nation and government of Islamic iran without dispatch of forces or a military expedition to palestine, has merely declared its stance against the talks with the zionist regime, but this has forced enemies to gang up against the Islamic republic of iran. 'they (arrogant powers) want us to keep silent vis-a-vis a great tyranny, however, an independent Islamic system and a combatant nation, which inspired by the holy quran fears no mortal power, is alert and wary of its enemies." the leader told the jubilant eid gathering shouting 'allaho akbar' that superpowers expect iran to sacrifice its national interests to their advantage by placing its armed forces under american advisors, and putting its oil resources at the disposal of western industries and consumers free of charge. however, he made it clear, "human conscience and a healthy mind will never allow a nation to surrender its interests, fate, freedom, independence, oil, underground resources, and system of government to the plundering aggressors even in order to avoid any antagonism." ayatollah khamenei termed the enmity of the united states and other big powers towards the father of the Islamic revolution imam khomeini and the country's revolutionary and combatant youth as "a natural phenomenon." "the Islamic republic of iran has bravely stood against the greed of the u.s., europe, multinational companies and other aggressor powers and will not allow anyone to intervene in Islamic

ayatollah khamenei calls for unity among Islamic states (24.3.1993)

Tehran, march 24, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei in a meeting here wednesday with iranian senior officials on the occasion of eid-ul-fitr underlined the need for understanding and sympathy among the Islamic states with the aim to counter anti-Islamic conspiracies of the world arrogant powers. he also announced iran's readiness to have understanding with Muslim countries with the objective to solve the issues of the Islamic world. the leader described the present situation of the world Muslims as "the worst" during the history of Islam adding that the Islamic world suffers from sad incidents in palestine, bosnia-herzegovina, afghanistan, kashmir, tajikistan, india and few other countries despite having human and natural wealth and potentials. however, he pointed out, discord among Muslims is the biggest catastrophe which must urgently be countered. he reiterated that the Islamic unity means understanding, sympathy and cooperation among the Islamic ummah and governments adding that the Islamic republic stretches its hand for friendship and brotherhood towards all Muslim countries. he urged the Islamic governments to exploit the situation in favor of their nations and solve the issues of the Islamic world because, he added, Muslims cannot endure sufferings any longer. foreign diplomats residing in Tehran were also present in the meeting.

leader on catastrophes of Muslim world, blames western govts (24.3.1993)

Tehran, march 24, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei here wednesday regretted about fratricide in afghanistan, massacre of the bosnian Muslims and expulsion of hundreds of palestinians from their homeland. he blamed the european governments for continuation of the serbian atrocities against bosnian Muslims and many of the Muslim states for remaining silent versus the expulsion of the palestinian dignatories. the leader also categorically denied allegations that the Islamic republic advocates terrorism and termed them as a "blatant culmny, lie and accusation." addressing millions of worshipers who had gathered in the 'grand mosalla,' in central Tehran, for the eid-ul-fitr special prayer this morning, the leader touched on the problems of the Islamic world including the palestinian issue. he said, "in conditions that the usurper zionist enemy continues to exert pressure on the palestinian oppressed nation, unfortunately many of the Muslim governments have kept silent in the face of the historical event of expulsion of hundreds of reknown and prominent palestinian figures from their homeland." eid-ul-fitr, one of the two prime Muslim feasts, marks the ending of the fasting month of ramadhan. "neither the human rights advocates who always employ the (human rights) weapon as a tool to exert pressure on nations, do open mouth in protest to the grave catastrophe of the (palestinian) expulsion..."

referring to the bloody conflicts among different afghan groups, the ayatollah termed them as a "bitter and regretful disaster" adding that the Muslim world is concerned over the sheding of the blood of the innocent afghan people. he also described the bosnian catastrophe as a "grave tragic" for the world Muslims. "the silence and indifference of the so-called civilized world towards the genocide in bosnia-herzegovina are as grave and surprising as the catastrophe itself," ayatollah khamenei said in his first sermon adding that the bosnians are massacred only because of being Muslims. he said that the world governments and international bodies have played a part in the massacre of the bosnian nation due to the fact that they deprived bosnians from having defensive power adding that the western powers under the pretext of preventing conflicts blocked the way to arms procurement by the defenceless bosnian Muslims. "if they (western powers) were sincere in their words, they should have been immediately and at the first chance present in the region with their military power and stopped the crimes of the serbian executioners. they not only refrained to do so, but also blocked the way to dispatch of weapons and aid from other parts of the world for the bosnian Muslims." he severely blamed the european governments for helping to continuation of the serbian crimes against bosnian nation adding that "those who did not allow bosnian Muslims to attain defensive power to defend themselves, their country, reputation and children, are shared in their massacre and considered as criminals. the genocide of Muslims in europe has been committed by the european and american powers," he specified.

the leader of the Islamic revolution made it clear that parachuting of food aid over bosnia cannot be considered as a recompensation for the catastrophe that the western powers have created there and that they cannot save their face in that way. "they entered the scene wherever their interests were at stake but committed this crime with the aim to bar a Muslim nation from standing on her feet." ayatollah khamenei, however, predicted a bright prospect for the Muslims after sufferings and hardships as Allah has promised so. ayatollah khamenei in his second sermon of eid-ul-fitr special prayer referred to the ballyhoo launched by the zionist-influenced propaganda machines and said that the world arrogant powers consider the Islamic republic as a "hateful entity." but, he added, "we are not worried about that because this assures us of the correctness of our path. the day when they become satisfied and pleased with us, we should hesitate that we are treading the right path. therefore the more the Islamic republic is hated by the world arrogants and satanic world mongers, the more we are glad." he said that the Islamic revolution has attracted the world since 14 years ago, a fact which has worried the satanic powers but that they cannot avert it. "the Islamic revolution was exported to the world at the same time when it happened in iran. revolution is exported once and that has already been accomplished."

on allegations that iran supports terrorism, the ayatollah totally rejected them saying that the western-protected zionists are the biggest world terrorists. he continued that the western intelligence agencies which combat against popular systems and governments are also the biggest terrorists. he noted that the terrorists who planted bombs in different places in iran and killed many iranian people and authorities are being sheltered by the western governments which claim to be anti-terrorists. "the question is why the u.s., france, germany and other european states give shelter to those terrorists who themselves confess to having planted bombs and avoid prosecuting and punishing them. the Islamic republic of iran is seriously against terrorism and killing of innocent people... the western governments are the ones which do not oppose such acts but at the same time accuse iran of supporting terrorism."

the leader considered as a "mistake" the attempts to threaten the Islamic republic and said that the Islamic revolution is a genuine and popular one which cannot be defeated and that drawing parallel between the Islamic revolution and that of the former soviet union, where no single popular election was ever held during its 70 years

ayatollah khamenei said in conclusion that the iranian nation is completely free today and that a system which enjoys massive popular support is not afraid of the enemy's ploys. "the iranian nation will remain strong and powerful owing to its love for and belief in Islam," he said.

leader says new year will aim at social justice and more help for less priviledged (20.3.1993)

Tehran, march 20, irna -- the leader of the Islamic republic of iran, ayatollah ali khamenei, in a message to the nation on the occasion of the advent of the iranian new year 1372 expressed hope that the progress towards national construction, social justice and economic prosperity this year would be faster. on the same occasion he exalted Muslim martyrs, invalid war veterans, Muslim combatants missing in action, and prisoners of war now in iraq and also prayed to god for divine blessing on the founder of the Islamic republic of iran imam khomeini. he expressed hope that the new calendar year 1372 will be one of piety and marked by divine blessings upon the people of iran. he also expressed hope that this year better efforts will be made for attaining national goals.

ayatollah khamenei admitted that the Islamic republic cannot remain aloof from major developments elsewhere in the world but noted that during this past year the administrators had done their best to keep iran unaffected, or the least affected, by international problems while marching on towards the goals of the first five-year national development plan. he mentioned that this past year iran's Muslim people had done well in a few crucial tests such as the elections for the Islamic consultative assembly, the 15th anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic revolution this past february 11, and help to Muslim victims in bosnia-herzegovina.

ayatollah khamenei said this year will mark also the launching of the second national development plan which, he hoped, would aim at serving the less privileged sectors of the society and ensuring social equity. he said the Islamic republic considers the economic prosperity in light of its capacity for ensuring equality and narrowing the gap between the haves and the have-nots which aspect, he hoped, would be considered by responsible government officials this year. he said the progress, whatever, made in the Islamic republic of iran, is owed to close adherence to the principles of the Islamic revolution despite suggestions by foreign elements that commitment to those principles would tend to be problematic. what tends to solve the problems of the people and government in iran, he said, is the nation's commitment to the revolution and that diversion from those principles would only bring failure. the leader said the enemies of the Islamic republic aim to distance the people from the ideological principles of the revolution which, he said, warranted national effort for a solid march towards the goals of Islam and the revolution. in conclusion the leader reminded that the responsibility to advise others to observe the positives of the faith and to prevent them from sinful commissions is a divine commandment in Islam which, he said, must be promoted by firm believers and by responsible agencies in the state.

leader calls for massive turnout for qods day rallies (18.3.1993)

Tehran, march 18, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei here thursday called on iranian and world Muslims to massively participate in the international 'qods' day rallies to be held tomorrow, the last friday of the holy month of 'ramazan'. interviewed by irna, ayatollah khamenei deplored that the zionists are being aided and abetted for their exerting of heavy pressures on the palestinian nation and that many of those who used to speak of palestinian aspirations, have left alone the oppressed palestinian nation. "today, the palestinian combatants and oppressed nation need the support of Muslim nations," he said. the leader asked the iranian and other Muslim people the world over to take part more enthusiastically in the qods day rallies. he said world Muslims by supporting the struggles of the palestinian people will boost the morale of palestinian combatants.

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