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leader urges nation to back bosnians, blasts big powers' procrastination tactics (26.2.1993)

Tehran, feb. 26, irna -- the leader of the Islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei on friday said it was incumbent upon the iranian people and officials to support the innocent and Muslim people of bosnia-herzegovina. "the intellectuals, students, writers, the press, ulama and people from various walks of life should constantly focus their attention on this issue and support this (bosnian nation) financially and politically," the supreme leader said. ayatollah khamenei made the remarks while addressing a huge crowd of worshippers in and outside Tehran university, as the friday prayer leader of Tehran. while the bosnian women are being raped, their properties plundered and their homes set ablaze, the world is wasting time `nd talking nonsense, the revered ayatollah said. "we regret that our young people `re unable to go there for defence (of bosnian people). ntherwise, the aggressors would have realized the power nf Islam and that nf our youth's faith," he said.

commenting on the afghan issue, the leader termed the recent developments in afghanistan as "bitter incidents" and a "great trouble" created for the people of afghanistan by afghan groups and parties. "the incidents happening in afghanistan have resulted from factionalism, the prejudices of those administering that country, lack of national unity, and the bias towards certain races and languages," ayatollah khamenei said. the leader of the Islamic revolution voiced iran's deep regret and concern over what was going on in afghanistan. in afghanistan.

ayatollah khamenei also pointed to global arrogance's indignation and fury over the growth of islamism in the four corners of the world and to foreign radios' attempts to promulgate a false notion that people are no longer fond of islamism and combatant Islam. "everybody knows that they are trying hard to circulate such a big lie because if their claim had been true they would not have had to spend such a large amount of money on containing islamism," the leader pointed out.

elsewhere in his sermons, the leader likened the massive turnout of the iranian people in nationwide rallies on february 11, marking the 14th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution, to a "big punch in the mouth of enemies of the revolution." the supreme leader called on the iranian people to massively turn out for the rallies to be staged on the last friday of the fasting month of ramadhan, the international qods day in solidarity with the palestinian people. "the world should know that the vigilant people of iran are present on the scene, are steadfast and have no fear of any power in the world," ayatollah khamenei reiterated. expressing regret over losses inflicted on iranian people in "we should familiarize with methods that will further protect people from natural disasters so as to prevent them from suffering great losses," the leader made it clear.

leader says fatwa on rushdie is 'irrevocable' (14.2.1993)

Tehran, feb. 14, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei here sunday reiterated that the death decree against apostate salman rushdie is "inalterable" and that "the verdict must undoubtedly be carried out and will be carried out." addressing a group of ulema and friday prayer leaders, ayatollah khamenei stressed, "we don't care about the dissatisfaction of britain and other european states (over the issue). we too are angry at many of their actions." the leader said, "imam khomeini has thrown an arrow at this impudent apostate. the arrow is moving towards its target and will sooner or later hit it." "the verdict must undoubtedly be carried out and will be carried out," ayatollah khamenei underlined. "therefore, it is incumbent upon every Muslim who has access to this mercenary author to drive this harmful being out of the way of Muslims and punish him." ayatollah khamenei said, "imam's verdict is irreversible and no one is able to make a deal over it. solving the rushdie issue is possible only through the handing over of this apostate and infidel person to Muslims." he suggested that as a logical solution, the british government should hand over the apostate rushdie to Muslims to be punished. ayatollah khamenei added insulting Islam and the Islamic sanctities is the usual practice of the enemies of Islam.

referring to western publicity to promote the blasphemous novel, 'the satanic verses', the leader said that the zionists and paid writers promoted the novel with the aim to insult Islam. "by promoting the book, which impudently insults muslim's prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) and his close associates, they are working to gradually turn insulting Islam into a routine practice." he continued that the verdict was a "divine light" which foiled conspiracies of enemies of Islam. the late leader of the Islamic revolution imam khomeini sentenced the apostate rushdie to death on february 14, 1989, for having blasphemed Islam and Islamic sanctities. the leader said the support of the european states for the apostate rushdie speaks of the west's conspiracies to insult Islam. he noted that the european states are very much concerned about life of a mercenary such as the indian-born british author while they are willing to sacrifice thousands of human lives on a minor issue depending on their interest.

the Islamic revolution leader lashed out at the european states for disregarding the serbian massacre of bosnian Muslims and persecution of palestinians, the true owners of palestine, by the zionists. he added that under such circumstances the reaction of these countries against the imam's edict indicates ineffectiveness of their ploy to insult Islam. referring to the attitude of britain and other european states towards the issue, he said, "we don't care about the dissatisfaction of britain and other euroean states. we too are angry at many of the leader continued, "the british government which plundered our country for many years, now is, more than anything else, angry because of our independence. the iranian nation will no longer allow england, america or any other ruffian to interfere in the internal affair of iran, hrt aspirations, goals, ideals and sanctities."

leader pardons 619 prisoners (5.2.1993)

Tehran, feb. 5, irna -- the leader of the Islamic republic of iran ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei has pardoned and commuted the sentences of 619 prisoners. the amnesty was requested by the head of the judiciary ayatollah mohammad yazdi and approved by the leader of the revolution on the eve of the birthday of the 12th shiite imam (hojat-e-bin-hassan, vali-e-asr) on shaaban 15, 1413 hijra (this year falling on feb. 7) coinciding with the 14th annivesary of the Islamic revolution.

leader attends imam's shrine, president issues message on 1st day of dawn (1.2.1993)

Tehran, feb. 1, irna -- the leader of the Islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei attended a ceremony held at the holy shrine of imam khomeini today marking the anniversary of the late imam's return home in 1979 after years of exile. president akbar hashemi rafsanjani on the same occasion congratulated the nation in a message broadcast on Tehran radio this morning. he referred to the imam's return home as an event which changed "everything from negative to positive and from misery to prosperity." he added that iran had been dominated by aliens on those days but now the people decided their fate themselves which he said was a very outstanding example in the world. rafsanjani noted that Islam and quran were now protecting the nation but that before the revolution the youth were threatened by the corrupt western culture. he stated that today development plans were carried out with the aim to eliminate discrimination and to ensure equal distribution of all facilities among the people in the society. pointing to the economic sanctions and the iraqi war imposed on iran by the world arrogance after the 1979 victory of the revolution, rafsanjani said that effective steps had been taken to rebuild the country and its main economic structures.

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