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leader condemns arab-israeli talks, west's attitude to bosniantragedy (28.4.1993)

Tehran, april 28, irna -- the leader of the Islamic revolution said on tuesday the "disgraceful" peace talks between arab governments and the zionist regime are aimed at quelling the uprising of palestinian Muslims in the occupied territories. "the Islamic republic favors and promotes peace and, above all, is an advocate f brotherhood between Muslims and other human beings, but is against negotiations being held apparently for peace but actually for recognition and legalization of a great tyranny," ayatollah ali khamenei said. the supreme leader, talking to officials in charge of hajj pilgrimage, expressed hope that the arab-israeli talks would not lead to signing of an agreement. "nobody has the right to sign an agreement on behalf of the palestinian people, and sell palestine to those who have usurped it," ayatollah khamenei made it clear. the u.s. by involving arab governments in such disgraceful negotiations has made a blunder, the supreme leader said. he said the engagement of arab governments in the shameful talks with the zionist regime would only serve to widen their gap with their nations and arouse people's anger and hatred towards them. "like a beggar stretching out his hand, the head of the egyptian regime has met with the u.s. president to complain about iran. but he should complain

about Islam and his own Muslim people rather than iran," the leader of the Islamic revolution said. the chivalrous and Muslim nation of egypt enjoy an outstanding background in the history of Islam and great glories gained in the course of Islamic struggles and therefore, there is no doubt that it will not tolerate the treasons of their statesmen, he said. elsewhere in his remarks, the leader likened the tragedy of bosnia-herzegovina to an ever lasting picture depicting the betrayal of and catastrophies created by the u.s. and some european countries. ayatollah khamenei said it is ridiculous that the u.s. and those european countries are pretending to feel sorry for the bosnian people. "the claims of the u.s. about sending relief supplies for the bosnian people and about economic blockade of serbs are false and unfounded," the leader said.

leader attends funeral procession of a film director (11.4.1993)

Tehran, april 11, irna -- leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei sunday attended the funeral procession of editor of the 'soureh' magazine, morteza avini, who was martyred in fakkeh, khuzestan province, while shooting a t.v. serial called 'narrative of victory.' avini, a well known figure in Islamic art, was director of the serial which pictured bravery of the iranian Muslim combatants during the 1980-88 iraqi imposed war. avivi was martyred in fakkeh on friday when a land mine, left from the war time, exploded. his companion, mohammad saeed yazdan parast, was also martyred. a large number of state personalities attended the ceremony among them ayatollah ahmad janati, minister of culture and Islamic guidance ali larijani and a number of majlis deuties.

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