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bullet Al-Tawhid (Qur'anic Monotheism) and Its Sodail Implications
bulletDiscourse on patience
bulletEssence of Tawhid: Denial of Servitude but to God
bulletHuman Rights in Islam
bullet Imam Khamene'i (German book about the leader)
bulletIqbal, the poet-Philosopher of Islamic Resurgence
bulletLeader and Youth
bulletLessons from the NAHJUL-BALAGHAH
bulletReplies to Inquiries about the Practical Laws of Islam (The English Version of Ajwibah al-Istiftāāt)
bullet Profoundities of the prayer
bulletThe Charter of Freedom
bulletThe General Pattern; of Islamic Thought in the Qur’an
bullet Call for islamic unity and fraternity among Muslims under the banner of Islam

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